Suuri Snadi

- The Suuri Snadi fair is next weekend in Tampere! Ken tells Hector.
- Tampere? That’s a new location, it takes a day to travel there.
- Yes, unfortunately. I will have to spend a night in a hotel. I’m going to a spa, but it will be super cheap because I’ll attend a timeshare presentation.
- Oh no!!!!! Ken… no no no…
Hector is worried:
- Ken! Don’t you remember what happened the last time?
- Yes, I almost bought a timeshare!
- And it was all thanks to me, you didn’t! Your eyes were shining like stars during that brainwash!
- Yes! You had to kick my feet all the time under the table! But it’s different now. I’m well prepared. Now I know how good the sellers are. I can resist them!
- Oh no… you are so going to be in debt for the rest of your life.
It´s an amazingly warm weather in Tampere and no snow at all! Ken doesn’t even need his jacket. The locals speak their dialect, replacing their D’s with R’s. All this makes Ken feel like being a tourist abroad. He’s spent way too much time at home lately.
 First he goes to the timeshare presentation.
- Hello! I’m only here for the half free vacation, I’m not going to buy a timeshare. So what do you say if we skipped this part and saved both of our time?
- Haha! Please sit down and give me a chance. I’m very good at my job!
The lady really is good. She keeps up an enthusiastic speech for hours and Ken’s head is getting dizzier all the time. It seems like there’s not enough oxygen in the room.
- Just sign here, and a piece of a paradise is yours, the woman says and hands a pen for Ken.
This is getting dangerous. But Ken has a secret weapon! After eating an energy bar he can think straight again! 

He doesn’t sign anything and in the end the woman says:
- For a while I thought I had you!
- Did my eyes start to shine?
- Yes! But then you ate your snack and it was all gone.
- Sorry. I hope your employer pays you by the hours and not by the sales. Thank you… Have a nice day, bye!
- Thank you! Enjoy your holiday at our spa!
The hotel room is really big and lovely, but the spa turns out to be a huge disppointment. Only one small pool full of babies and two small jacuzzis. 
- Well, can’t have everything, Ken thinks and is still gratefull for not buying a timeshare. Besides the most important thing is the Suuri Snadi fair anyway.
Meanwhile at home the sun is doing a good job on melting the snow and Kaarna can draw outside.

Ken’s visit at Suuri Snadi fair is extremely social. He meets loads of his friends from Instagram and has a wonderful time.

Even though Ken is really tired when coming back home, he wants to place his new chairs around the table before going to bed. Owning these chairs is a sweet dream come true since he has dreamt of them for ages. The trip to Tampere was a success in many ways.
Ken still hopes that next year the event will return to its origins in Espoo.