The spin-off!

The Doll Soapie

Click here for part 1 and get to know Veli, Taylor, Ritva, Muija and Reiska.

Continue to part 2 and see who is this gorgeous blonde with Veli and Ritva.

Celebration and surprise guests on part 3 .

On part 4 you will see, what goes on in Paris.

Part 5 is truly dramatic with horrible accidents and romantic proposals.

Who will sleep with who and who´s going to commit a suicide. Find out on part 6.

Part 7 is all about a wedding.

Happiness in two households, part 8.

Who is Filia and what does Elvis has to do with everything? Find out on part 9!

On part 10 we see how the life goes on in this new big family.

Sneaky plans and new characters on part 11.

Someone´s getting famous on part 12.

Fights and shocking revelations take place on part 13.

Do we get a happy ending for the story? Find out on part 14.