2014 - The early days

This is Ken's first dress ever. He has been wearing dresses with a beard since 2003, so the adorable Conchita Wurst was nothing new to us, when she won the Eurovision song contest in 2014.

At the country boarder lining to Russia.

More pretty dresses.

Ken is a trainee at Susanna´s Studio and this is his first trip to sell some bamboo cleaning cloths in a market.

Chilling in Jyväskylä center.

Ken doesn't´t like his work uniform one bit. Where´s the glamour he´s used to?

Ken´s job is to take care of the PR.

He tends to wander around though.

At the artisan market Ken finds something for himself too. A delicious pie baked by MarielDesign.

Ken has a thing for national costumes, so meeting the host of the market is a thrilling experience.

After a long day at work, Ken enjoys the peace and quiet evening in his hotel room.

It feels really good to return home to darling Hector.

Hector is planning to build a tiny house for Ken. Ken is excited and doesn't´t want to go to work.

This time Hector joins Ken for the work trip to Helsinki. They are on a lunch break.

They stay in a wonderful Hotel Korpilampi.

Although this hotel is located very near the capital city it is surrounded with forests.

The water is too cold and Hector hesitates.

After sauna and swimming the boys relax at the hotel bar.

Enough with the fun time. Time to start working - which can also be fun.

Matching work uniforms!

Ken likes to promote other artisans too. Here he is on a hobby horse track of Ahdin Tila and carrying some brochures of Tmi Soja Murto.

The best part of these events are other dolls that come and meet Ken!

While Ken is working his butt off at Käsityökortteli market, Hector pays a visit to a Tom of Finland art exhibition.

He reward Ken with an ice cream cone.

Ken received a gift from a doll friend Sonja. How sweet!

Ken is dreaming about a national costume of his own.

Making a national costume in a traditional way is a really slow process. It´s all hand-stiched.

The shirt is ready. Time for a selfie!

The proper hat for an adult is called tykkimyssy in Finnish.

All done and so very proud!

A selfie with Selma who is wearing a traditional Egyptian outfit.

Hector is starting to build the tiny house now, with the help of Remontti-Reiska.

Ken is making the bamboo cleaning cloths...

... and posting the orders of the web shop.

He also knits some warm clothes for the winter.

The building project is keeping Hector busy.

But a horrible accident happens! Hector is hit by a train and loses his both legs!!!!

In sickness and in health. 

During these hard times Ken finds strength in the nature.

He enjoys the last warm days.

Ken is nervously waiting for the results of Hector´s hip surgery.

The surgery went well and Hector will walk again! However in the airport security controls his hips will beeb loudly - the doctors put so much steel inside him.

Hector is getting used to his new hips and Ken his new glogs.

Ken buys a guinea pig to cheer Hector up.

Once again Ken is on his way to Helsinki. This time he travels by train.


Shopping at the Kauppatori market place.

Ken also buys some building material that Hector need for the tiny house.

What an honor: the talented junta Rikola made a portrait of Ken.

The next step: painting the walls.

"Oh my lord how heavy it is!" 
The boys bought a futon! Handmade in Finland, of course.

"Let's see... What else do we need?" 
Hector has a long to-do list.

Ken and Hector are going to a picnic by the lake. Sometimes it´s good to take a break from all the work.

Hector is fooling around: "Look at me!"
Didn't´t he learn anything with the train accident?

Ken helps him out of the water.
"I just knew this would happen! Now you are all wet and cold!" 

Ken lights a camp fire, so Hector and his pants will warm up.

All is well that ends well.

Nice weather for outdoor activities.

The miniature fair Suuri Snadi is the highlight of every autumn.

Ken down´t like doing the dishes but it´s a bit nicer while wearing a crown.

It´s finally time to move in to the tiny house.

Hector adds a doorbell.

Well, yes, it is October, but the boys can´t wait until next summer to be able to test out their new stuff.

Some fan mail to Ken! What can it be?

There was a mobile phone in the envelope, from Eija. 
"Put it away now and come to bed," Hector asked and sounds a bit frustrated.
"But there´s internet in this also!"

The boys are enjoying the first snow. Hector seems to be needing warmer clothes.

But the snowman didn't´t make it.
"Oh my god! Mr. Snowman! Say something! Talk to me!"

All you need is love. And a national costume.

Today Ken is in Tampere.

Ken´s friend Kenneth shows the sights of his hometown.

Ken and Kenneth are having some refreshments in a cafe Vohvelikahvila. Ken feels a bit embarrased wearing his gardigan. This is such a fancy place.

The boys are on a 25. floor of a new hotel called Torni. Ken notices that the stange creep who has been following them, is now lost.

After sightseeing Kenneth takes Ken back to his house where he serves some sweet refreshments.

Wait a minute! The stalker from the city is here also! Turns out that this guy is Raynold, Kenneth´s jealous partner. he´s tremendously rich and owns half of Tampere - including the Hotel Torni and Vohvelikahvila.

(Kenneth and Raynold belong to a friend of mine.)

Swimming pool! So cool!

Back to work... Ken and Taylor are posing for a bedding advertisement for Susanna´s Studio. This is Ken´s last day at work, because Mattel has now forbidden him to promote other companies.

Hector is trying out a new career as a fashion photographer. Somebody needs to make money in this household.

Human rights are important for the boys. They are campaigning for the same sex marriage, that is still not possible in Finland. We must change the legislation.

Ken travels to helsinki to attend the demonstration.

Lining to the Finnish parliament, where the MP´s are voting for or against to the law that grants the marriage rights for LGBT people.

ken has trouble staying still and quiet when the results of the votes are announced. It´s 105 against 92. Finally we have hope! But there will still be a lot of obstacles in the way before we actually have the right to get married. 

When Ken gets back home, he instantly proposes to Hector.
"Will you marry me?"
"Of course I will!"
It will take years before they can celebrate the wedding, but until then, they are engaged.

Ken is throwing an Independence Day Party. 

Among the guests there is Barbie, who used to be Ken´s girlfriend in the late 90´s. It was a shocking separation, but they are now friends.

(I´m saving you from the details of the evening, but here´s a group photo of all my dolls.)

Christmas preparations.

For Christmas Hector got this hat to complete the outfit he has been having since the 1990´s.

The boys decide to celebrate the New Year at home.