2015 - The winter days

Ice swimming! Many finnish people love to dip into a hole in ice and Ken doesn't´t make an exception.

This is refreshing!

While Hector is at work, Ken and Possu eat too much cake.

Ken is not a big fan of winter, but a new sledge helps a lot.

(The sledge like many other miniature stuff is made by husband, who soon got very talented in crafting.)

Sadly ken got the flu.

Luckily the flu never lasts long on a plastic doll and the boys can meet their friends again.

(I made some separate storylines on IG about Ken´s friends, but I am leaving them out of this blog. These are Riina and Tupu.)

 Ken has been churning butter all night in a traditional manner. Hector says: "Why don't we just use the butter I bought from the supermarket?"

(The churning might have been too much work, because Ken lost his leg. These decades old dolls get a bit fragile as the years go by. First Hector, now Ken.)

Hector tells Ken that his life has been just great with a hip prosthesis. Ken is starting to feel a little better.

Heading to surgery. Hector is comforting: "Everything is going to be just fine. Dr. Sulo is specialized in hip surgery. He's the best there is, trust me."

(My husband saved the doll with a drill and bolts, once again.)

Now it´s Ken´s turn to learn to live with an artificial hip.

Ken really deserves to get a new dress!

Ken is pretty sure that we all are going to drown in the snow. It just keeps coming more and more.

Reading the latest issue of DerPuppe.

Ken isn't too happy with Hector's overgrown hair and decides to do something about it.

What a perfect day for outdoor activities!

Have you ever seen legs this beautiful?

This is Dexter, who brought Ken and Hector a souvenir from Florida. It's a calendar with amazingly beautiful photos of the sunny state. Palm trees, white sand, hot air... Now we all want to go and live there!

It´s the Valentine´s day.

"Look honey. I made us matching PJ's for this special day."

So, they wear the new comfy PJ´s while watching their favourite movie Billy Eliot.

The boys really can´t decide where they want to live. Now they are renting a log cabin.

It´s so cozy and much warmer than their tiny house on wheels.

They want to stay there for the rest of the winter.

When the night falls, our dear boys make a soft bed on the floor.

Some upholstery business for tonight.

The armchair is a house warming gift to Dexter.

This here is Veli, Ken´s little brother. You can all about his life on another blog, just click here!

It´s March. No sign of the spring yet.

The biggest thing of the month is Barbie´s birthday.

"Look at me, no smiling!"
Ken, Hector and Dexter need passports and visas because they want to go to Russia next summer. Hector takes the photos.

The boys hope that Dexter will get a visa, although he is a U.S. citizen.

Such a boring sunday. Ken cheers it up with his orange umbrella and new coat! Everything is handmade except the shoes (made in China).

Ken is remembering his trips on the Canary Islands as young man. The sunny memories help him to survive the winter.