2016 - The busiest summer ever

Ken and Hector no longer want to be couch potatoes. They start a new hobby: jogging.

After running it's great to dive into the cold water!

Hector catches a fish with his bare hands!

Grilled fish for dinner this evening!

It's a bit chilly in the evening but the boys still want to have dinner outside in the garden. Hector is the barbeque master.

What are doing Ken?
- I'm on Tumblr watching dirty doll pics!
- I shouldn't have asked...

Grilled salmon, potatoes with sour cream, lettuce and cherry tomatoes.

It´s the night of the Eurovision Song Contest.
- Remember the times when we used to make popcorn and stay up and watch it?
- Yes. Finland zero points! I'm kind of glad to be this old though. Good night darling, sleep well.

Good morning! Time to check out who won the Eurovision Song Contest! Ken and Hector were fast asleep at 2 a.m. when the winner was announced.

- What's your all time favorite song in the Eurovision?
- Rise Like A Phoenix of course! Wow, the shivers go down my spine just thinking about that voice!
- Even though Conchita Wurst totally stole your style?
- Well, don't they say that copying is the ultimate form of admiration? How about you? What's your favorite?
- That Norwegian kid with a violin. What's his name?
- Alexander Rybak! Adorable boy!

Now this is life! Sunday, summer, sun, suntanning!

Suddenly a hideous noise disturbes Ken's lovely moment of relaxation! It's Hector with his chain saw!

Ken screams:
- What are you doing?! Being so hard working on a day like this?! You are making me feel all lazy!

- This isn't about you, Ken. This is my way of relaxing. And you can relax however you like. No need to feel guilty. 

-Oh well... I get sun tanned this way too...

The running school for couch potates continues. After 6 weeks of training iKen can run 5 km! (3,1 miles)

When the weather is this fine, Ken takes his work outside!

Ken is ironing his work outfit. Summer season brings the crafters markets back and tomorrow it´s the first one in Helsinki.

We are open for business! Yes, we don´t care about what Mattel thinks. Ken loves his work at Susanna´s Studio.

Almost every time Ken goes to Helsinki, Axu comes to see him. This photo is so full of love and friendship. Aren't they adorable together?

On his way back Ken visits Lappeenranta and goes to the harbour.

He wants to find something at the thrift stores.

"What on earth are these?"
"Shelves of course! They are old and wobbly but I can fix them! They'll be perfect for your toy car collection!"

Time for yet another crafters´market. After driving 8 hours Ken arrives to Oulu. Strecthing feels so good! And the weather looks a lot better here!

No hotels this time, but something better. Ken gets to stay in a cute summer cottage.

It's freezing cold this far up in the north! Ken feels bad about not bringing his winter coat, beanie and mittens!

A close up of the products.

When you are in Oulu, you just have to say hello to Toripolliisi.

This is the prettiest building Ken has ever seen. It was built on 1875 and it used to be a star observation tower. But since 1910 it has been a cafeteria.

He needs to go somewhere warm.

But in the middle of Ken's brunch he hears about Orlando. He is shocked. It was only a matter of time when some mad homophobics realize that by attacking a gay club, a lot of lgbtiq people can be eliminated at the same time. No words tonight, just silence and love.

With the money Ken earned at the crafters market, he bought a pink Vespa! He drives to Nallikari shore.

It's bedtime so Ken can't stay very long. He would like to stay and watch the sun go down but well... it won´t go down in June.

Back home Ken is tormenting himself by reading the news from Orlando tragedy.
- He was one of us! A gay man himself. One of our own.


The boys rest a bit before travelling to the Pride / EuroGames event.

Ha! What a surprise! Also Tomppa the Gay Matryoshka´s stall is at the Pride market. Ken already has a beanie, hoodie and T-shirt, so he doesn't´t buy anything this time.

This morning Hector is properly dressed. He is going to see the Tom of Finland art exhibition at Taidehalli.

Hector is in seventh heaven!

There's always the debate whether Tom of Finland's drawings are art or porn. Hector thinks they are definitely both and it's awesome. 

Hector bought a poster to take home.

The boys meet some new people, like the amazing Joe Supernam! 

Ken and Hector have been super happy these past few days at the EuroGames. Sun is shining from the sky and from people's hearts. We all love the Pride week.

Ken and Hector saw a show by a half Finnish half Canadian stand up comedian called Jamie McDonald and they laughed so hard that tears came down from their eyes. They also saw a truly fabulous drag queen from Belgium called La Diva. And tomorrow is the Pride parade day!

There are 30 000 people marching in the Pride parade! Not a world record, but an amazing Finland record!
This is the last day, and Ken is already having rainbow withdrawals knowing that this evening this is all gone. All the love and happiness around us them given so much positive energy. This is a dream that they don't want to end. Happy Pride Helsinki! 

Ken and Hector return to home after a whole week on the road! It was a great trip but oh boy do they feel tired! 

It says in the newspaper that today we have a chance to travel by a good oldfashioned steam train!

The locomotive is called Ukko-Pekka.

Ken loves the interiors of the train.

Ken has arrived at St Petersburg! There are as many inhabitants in this city alone as there are in the whole Finland! Just think about that!

Ken admits that he was a bit scared of visiting St Petersburg. He has heard that the lgbtiq people might not be safe here and so he wears jeans on this trip. No need to draw unwanted attention by wearing dresses.

Breathtaking. Ken has never seen a city this beautiful!

Oops, a chilly weather in St Petersburg today. Luckily they sell furry caps everywhere.

Because it's raining, Ken goes underground! The subway stations of St. Petersburg are incredible!

St Petersburg is a great place for shopping. Ken buys a Fabergé egg.

Thank you St Petersburg for your hospitality, Ken thinks while reading his new book "Бабушка и дедушка" on the train. He doesn't´t understand a word.

When Ken returnes hom, he places the new souvenirs on his souvenir shelf.

Oops! It's already August and Ken still hasn't washed the rugs!

There's nobody else washing rugs today! Even if Ken is one social butterfly, he also appreciates privacy.

Scrubbing as hard as he can.

The wet rugs are super heavy! Let's dry them up!

- I think we are going to buy a new sofa today, says Hector one day.
- Why?! What's wrong with this one?! I love this couch! Ken screams.

- This sofa is old and filthy! It looks like someone died on it, Hector claims.
- Nobody died on it! And it's almost brand new! Ken disagrees.
- Ken, it's from your childhood home. It's at least 35 years old. It's leaving now!

- Let the sofa go, Ken! It has served you well. It deserves to have nice retirement days.

After a while Hector returns with a new couch.
- White!!!!! What are you thinking? Bringing a WHITE couch into MY home??!?!?
- Not your home, Ken. Our home.

A bit later Ken calms down. (Ice cream does that.)
- Ok, I admit that this new sofa is a lot more comfortable than the beautiful orange one. Ken says.

Hector notices something brown on the brand new, bright and shiny white sofa!
- Keeeeeeeeen!!!!!! Is this chocolate ice cream?!?!?! 

Ken replies:
- Chocolate, ice cream, guinea pig poop... Who knows. 🍫🍦🍪💩 But you can only blame yourself, Hector. White sofa was not the best choice, was it. 

Once again ken is on his way to a crafters market. At a rest stop he really has to pee! Hurry!

Luckily there's an outhouse at the rest stop. Full of spider nets as usual.

(The toilet was a geocache that happened to be on our way. Great find.)

Ken and Hector are playing the board game version of Who Wants To Be A Millionaire. Hector asks a question:
- How many square meters is one hectare? A) 100 b) 1000 c) 10 000 d) 100 000 ?
- Oh no! I suck at units of area! I have to use a lifeline! I'm phoning a friend.
- Who you gonna call?
- Ghostbusters!!!! No, I'm calling Papi. 

"The answer is C) 10000 square meters."
Meet Papi, Ken's dad. He always has an answer to everything. Usually the right one even.