2016 - The spring traditions

Text message from Ritva! She wants to spend the Easter holiday with Ken and Hector. That makes Ken so happy. She's such a big girl already but still likes to hang out with her uncles.

It's already bedtime when Ritva arrives, so they make beds for everyone. Ritva will have to sleep on a mattress on the floor and she can try her new Hello Kitty sleeping bag in action.

Hector has a surprise for everybody:
- Happy Easter!!! Let's have some chocolate eggs in bed!

When it comes to chocolate, Ken is greedy. He immediately grabs four Kinder eggs. Hector knows his habits and that's why he bought plenty of eggs.

But still in the next morning Hector notices that Ken had eaten all the eggs!

Possu is desperately searching for chocolate eggs but has no luck.

But nothing beats MÄMMI. Not even Kinder eggs.

Ken has already eaten his portion and now he's trying to convince Hector to give up on his portion.

Ken and Hector have a bad habit of spoiling Ritva every time she visits them. This time she gets a bike!

Ken is pretty good at Scrabble, but nobody wins Ritva. Ever. Geniouses are unbeatable.

Ken can't wait for the summer, so he pretends it's here already.

He puts up a tent and prepares a meal.

Damn, it´s cold. But when you have brand new camping gear, what else can you do but to go camping?

Too bad there's still ice on the lake. Ken needs to settle for the snow.

Ken invited Ritva camping with him, so she arrives to check how her uncle is coping with the coldness.

He is so excited that he keeps jumping up and down. But Ritva says:
- Both tents are great, auntie Ken, but we will have to wait at least until June before we can really go camping. Nights are still cold, it gets way below 0°C (32°F).

In Finland we have this thing called #vappu. So happy Vappu to everybody! 

Ken decorates their home with balloons and streamers.

Those who have majored their matriculation examination wear their hats. They tend to take a walk and show off their hats. In the old days these people were highly respected in the community. The graduation is not a big deal today though, but the tradition to wear the hat on this particular day is still going strong. 

Hector thinks Ken and Ritva are snobs with their hats so he is wearing his Tom of Finland hat.

Typical Vappu treats are tippaleivät and munkit, that both are sweet pastries. We drink some home mad sima, a non-alcoholic sweet bubbly drink made of water, brown sugar, lemon and yeast.

Funny hats, masks and vappuhuiskas are pretty popular amongst the kids. Or at least they were when Ken was a kid. He has no idea what do kids ofthese days like! Snapchat maybe?

Because this is Finland Vappu is just another excuse for drinking something stronger than sima. Especially students get really drunk and have fun in the streets.

Ken thinks that the best way to spend Vappu is with the ones he loves the most. And eating a lot of tippaleivät.

It is surprisingly warm.
"This heat makes me so happy! I don't want to say goodbye to the summer! It's always too short! And I know it's going to be cold and rainy again." Ken whines.
Hector gets a bit annoyed:
"Summer hasn't even started yet, you silly. Stop being like that!"

"Would you snap out of that stupid misery if I tickled you a bit?!" Hector laughs and attacks Ken.