2016 - The Christmas time sadness

Meanwhile at home Hector is lonely and apparently not in very good shape. Hashtag MOVEMBER

Because of a cancelled flight Ken has to stay three nights in Madrid, the capital city of Spain. It's raining like Esterin perseestä, as we say in Finland.

While Ken is trying to get used to the ongoing rain and cold weather in Madrid, Blaine is trying to handle the rain in his soul.

Today Ken wants to look as good as possible because he's going to meet a real "madrileño" and all these Spanish people are tremendously stylish.

The delay of the trip back to Finland was a bummer but thanks to it Ken finally had a chance to meet his Instagram friend Bruno Farfallo!

Bruno shows Ken the sights of Madrid and tells about Spanish habits and history. It's amazing to have a personal guide in this enormous city.

Ken gets to taste the best of Madrid, like Jamón Iberico and Turrones! Bruno also takes Ken to have some chocolate con churros! Another Spanish speciality!

- How come the Spanish people are not really fat with all this olive oil, sugar and wheat they have in all their food? Ken wonders.

Chocolate, grease and sugar. You just can't go wrong with that combination!

Yet another bittersweet goodbye during this vacation. Ken has been out of control... leaving these hunks behind. 

(See more pics on Bruno's account @brunofarfallo! And if you are not already following him, you should, because he is the cutest male doll on Instagram!)

Ken felt safe with Bruno, but when he was alone, Madrid was way too huge, loud, crowded and scary for him! At this point he is quite happy to fly back to the quiet and super safe Finland. He is wearing a sweater that Bruno knitted for him.

After three weeks abroad Ken can appreciate the facts that here in Finland it's safe to drink tap water and there are bidé showers in toilets and all the doors open outwards.

But he had totally forgotten how fucking dark it can be here in the broad daylight. And all the snow has melted away! 

When Ken arrives home he starts to cry. This time not because of being sad, but because of being happy. It feels so good to see Hector again!

Ken tells all about the holiday. Also about Blaine.
- Blaine? That holiday shag of yours from 20 years back?!
- Yes, the same guy. He has been living on the islands ever since.
- Was he still hot?
- Omg yes!!!! That butt... Jesus!
- Did you want him?
- The temptation was real.
- Did he want you?
- Yes.
- Did he get you?
- No. I couldn't do that to you and me!
- Why didn't you tell me? We spoke almost every day on the phone!
- I didn't want to worry you for nothing and spoil your precious own time.

- What about that Bruno guy then? I saw him posting some really disturbing photos on his IG account...
- I don't know what got into me in Madrid... You know how I always get scared in huge urban places... Bruno was so warm and kind and he made me feel safe. And I was really upset about leaving Fuerteventura's calming deserts and then there was all that confusing temptation about Blaine... My head was spinning and everything was blurry... I'm never myself in metropolitans...
- I know Ken... But after this adventure don't even think about going anywhere on your own anymore!
- Next time we'll go together. I love you.
- I love you too, you silly little bunny. Good to have you back. 

Ken gives Hector a gift.
- I found this rock on the beach in the last night there. Look how the sea has formed it, almost like a heart. With a hole. This stone is like my heart. There's an empty place in my heart without you. You are the only person who truly makes me feel good about myself.

Just like always when it´s all dark and gray, the boys eat tons of sweets.

It's impossible to take a decent selfie in this darkness. Ken misses the sun so much. It's been three weeks of low pressure now.

They say that sports do good for the depressed mind.

While Ken is trying to cope with the depressing darkness, rain and mist in Finland, Blaine in Fuerteventura is suffering from another reason. His writing on the wall says: "It went like this... Love at first smile."

Every morning he´s rolling his futon thinking that he never got Ken in his bed.

But at least he´s got the hot sand on his perfect butt at the Corralejo dunes.