2017 - The wedding

It's only a bit over one month until the same sex marriage is legal in Finland and Ken and Hector are allowed to get married.

Ken has been searching for a perfect wedding dress and now he finally found something that he really likes. - This gown made by @masked_doll Diego is amazing! I will try to make a similar one.

Sewing a wedding dress is really challenging. Ken is getting all sweaty!

Making a guest list for the wedding is a horrible task.
- Of course we want to invite Reiska but he will bring Muija and I can't stand her being drunk and throwing up and passing out. And what about Taylor? It would be polite to invite her but what if she makes a scene with Veli again? And Papi will definitely feel very uncomfortable in a crowded place... I think I would want Blaine to be there too, but would it be like rubbing salt in his wounds if I sent him an invitation? And can we even afford feeding all these people? This is making me crazy!

Can't we have even one day without these disturbing news about Trump's actions?

Ken's dad Papi stops by and he's got a huge box with him.
- I have something for your wedding, Ken.
Ken is excited and jumps up and down.
- What is it? Show me!
- It's "something old" as they say...

Papi opens the box and takes out a bridal crown and a long veil.
- This was your grandmother's.
- Why didn't mom wear this when you two got married? Ken asks.
- In your mother's opinion wearing a bridal crown was ancient history. But since you can appreciate traditions I thought you might like it.
- I adore it! I am honored to wear grandma's crown! Thank you Papi.
(In real life the veil and the crown are actually a gift from the lovely and talented @florafascinata ❤️ And you all will see it properly at the wedding!)

Ken's got a man flu and he is fed up with the wedding plans.
- The longer our guest list gets, the worse my flu feels.

As Ken's maid of honor Ritva is helping Ken with the enormous guest list.
- I'm worried I might forget someone, Ken mumbles.
- Why don't you just put an open invitation on social media? Ritva suggests.

You're invited! If you kindly want to join Ken and Hector's wedding and celebrate Finland for finally legalizing same-sex marriage, please use the hashtag #kenhectorwedding and post your pic on March the 1st. And if you are wondering what to wear, Ken gives you a hint: dresscode warm! 

The big day is today! The registrar is ready, but we still have to wait a little for the happy couple. Ken and Hector are at a photo studio taking the wedding photos.

They say it's bad luck if the groom sees the bridal dress before the wedding, so Hector hasn't seen Ken until now at the photo studio. - Oh wow, Ken! You look amazing! That grandma's crown makes you look like a queen!

The boys are having a lot of fun at the photo shoot but now it's time to hurry because the wedding ceremony is about to begin and some guests have already arrived! 

Ken and Hector arrive with their two witnesses: Hector's mother Saima and Ken's father Papi.

- Do you Hector take Ken to be your lawfully wedded spouse?
- I do!
- And Ken, do you...
- I do I do I do!!!!!

Ritva is the maid of honor and also the bestman and therefore she takes care of the ring.

- You may kiss your bride.

Something old: grandmother's bridal crown.
Something new: the dress.
Something borrowed: Hector's long johns.
And something blue: the bouquet and the ring.

Have some cake, everybody!

It's getting dark! Time to put the music on and dance!

They could dance all night...

... but eventually they get tired. Hector picks Ken up and carries him inside to the igloo where they spend their one and only wedding night.

Thank you everyone for making #kenhectorwedding such a big thing with your posts, likes and comments. I hoped to see a couple of hashtags during this wedding but instead I saw a million! At least it felt like a million. This doll community of Instagram is my happy place in this fucked up world and I am truly touched by all the love you people showed. Thank you, thank you, thank you.