2017 - The peaceful times

Ken and Hector are planning to go camping next weekend but Ken is a bit worried about the constant rain.

It's still raining but the boys are preparing their camping trip. Ken is in a bad mood, but Hector is trying to keep the spirits up. 
- We must go camping at least once every summer. Even if this summer is the coldest in our lifetime.

Setting up the tent. Still raining.

The boys go to sleep listening to the rain drops tapping the tent.

Good morning! The rain has stopped during the night and Hector wants to go fishing first thing.

Hopefully he catches something.

The first rays of sunshine during this camping trip! Ken celebrates with chocolate.

On their way home the boys stop at Hesburger to have milkshakes.
- Seriously Ken? Five milkshakes? For you?
- Yes. So?

- Oh Hector, my stomach hurts!
- Well, five milkshakes... You can only blame yourself. Are you ever going to learn?
- Never!

The cold season is here again. Warm sweaters are needed!

The forests are full of lingonberries at the moment.

Ken got enough of rain, so he buys a cheap trip to Poland.

October in Cracow looks just the same as October at home, but is significantly warmer and less rainy.

Ken visited the death camps of Auschwitz and Birkenau. He has read many books about the holocaust, and watched documentaries and seen movies about it. But standing on that very ground and being inside the buildings where hundreds of thousands of people suffered and were murdered felt worse than he ever could have imagined. We must never forget.

- Hey Hector, I brought you a present from Poland!
- An outfit of the Polish football team? I don't even watch football let alone play it!
- But it's cute. You can wear it next summer!

Ken places the Polish dragon statue up on his souvenir shelf and thinks:
- Now I can start to plan my next trip.

Winter is getting close. The time of the year when your iPhone battery dies in seconds. It makes geocaching damn hard!

The first snow fell last night. It's kinda nice to have a brighter feeling but still...
Two more months till Fuerteventura!

An advent calendar is what brings the Christmas spirit.

And a Christmas tree.

Ritva wants to learn how to knit so Ken teaches her. She will knit a long scarf.

Ken spent this evening making Christmas cards.

A Christmas tree, a gingerbread house and a wreath are the three most important decorations, thinks Ken. What are your favorites?

Hector is going to see a hockey game.
- Are you coming Ken?
- No way. I will never support professional sports. All that money they spend on kicking a ball or jumping around should be used for something important.

Hector enjoys the game although his team SaiPa loses. Well, it doesn't matter because winning is not the point, but grilled sausages are!

Ken has two reasons to be happy today. First his brand new winter coat and second a brief moment of sun!

The final touch with the Christmas tree are the candy canes. Ken is having a hard time with not eating them.

Time to open the presents.

Ken and Hector are having a blast with their new football game. (And please notice Ken’s cute onsie, made by the talented @ellie.from.finland

Here we go! Winter is not all bad, Ken thinks. The new kick sledge is awesome.

Merry Christmas!