2018 - The recovering begins

The meds work. Ken found his way out of the dark place. He sees the beauty around him and it makes him smile.

When Ken packs up Hector’s belongings he has to face yet another shock: their home is filled with Ken’s personal items and all the furniture and even the wallpapers are picked by Ken. No wonder Hector has felt like he’s been living in the shadows and doesn’t know who he really is. Hector’s stuff fit into one suitcase.

Ken wants to continue the road tripping, since the summer is exceptionally hot.

He sleeps better in his tent than at his empty home. The sounds of the birds and the waves are a wonderful lullaby.

Ken’s morning routine on his travels: wake up early, have breakfast and go hiking and then swimming. Then hit the road again!

Ken wanted to see the rock paintings Astuvansalmi and he continues his road trip. The paintings date back to around 4000 - 2000 B.C. but they were discovered only in 1968.

When Ken was a little boy there were cows everywhere. Nowadays it’s always a bit of a special event to see them.

The psychiatric nurse told Ken to write down his thoughts and options about his future to clarify the unbearable mess in his head. But as soon as Ken starts to write things down a panic attack strikes.
- I can’t afford keeping the house on my own! I’m going to be homeless! I can’t live in a tent when the autumn starts!

Time heals, they say. You are going to survive, they say. Life goes on, they say. 
It’s a bad day for Ken and he says:
- When you are lost and alone you are sinking like a stone.

Ken wonders if life would be any easier if you believed in some god. If you actually had a strong faith in something, someone, that’s taking care of you.

Swimming. Sun. Warmth. Medical health. Thank you, simplicity. No religion needed.

This year Ken can’t make it to the Pride parade today because he’s joining the Moped tour of his home town. Over 50 riders, all grown ass people. Almost as good as the Pride parade!

It’s a windy evening but that doesn’t matter when the view is this gorgeous. If all the summers were this hot, Ken would survive the dar months so much better!

Ken loves riding his moped wearing nothing but a wet swimsuit. What an amazing weather we have! Almost 30 C! Stop complaining about the heat, Finnish people! When was the last time we had a hot and sunny summer like this? Never!

Even the Washington Post reports about the amazing heat wave in Scandinavia. We are the warmest place in Europe! This summer has been really exceptional, both in good and bad. Blessed be the sun that’s warming up Ken’s broken heart.