2018 - The strength

But one morning the weather has changes completely during the night!

It’s raining. Ken misses Hector terribly. He tries to resist the urge to send a message to him and beg him to come back home.
- Where is he? What is he doing? Is he dating Santtu? How is he feeling? Does he ever think about me?

But soon the sun returns and surprisingly Hector asks Ken if he would like to come boating with him. It’s been a long time since they have spent any time together so Ken is really nervous. It’s difficult to look Hector in the eyes.

Hector has prepared a picnic basket.
- Ready to go?

Hector seems happy, but what are his motives for this summer boating experience? Ken has a million questions but he doesn’t dare to ask anything.

Ken relaxes and enjoys the trip. The waves get bigger and the boys get all wet. Because of the exceptionally hot summer even the water is warmer than ever. They laugh and Ken says: 
-Maybe we should find a dry place and have some lunch. I’m starving!

- This is a great spot. Tie up the boat Ken!

The boys are getting more comfortable with each other. It’s almost like back in the good old days.
"Maybe I shouldn’t loose my hope", Ken thinks.

They spend the whole day swimming and playing and laughing.

Hector drops Ken home and says:
- Thanks for doing this with me, Ken. I had a really good time with you. It was nice to see you laughing again. You still are my best friend. I hope that will never change, no matter what.
- ...

- Best friends? That might be a mature way of braking up, but I don’t feel myself strong enough for that. I do want Hector to be happy. But it hurts like hell that he can’t find his happiness here with me.

One day a thunder storm catches Ken by surprise during his daily walk.

Ken likes thunder. It catches you by surprise, rages for a while and then it’s gone. There’s the sun already. But wait... what’s that music...?

The music is coming from the light... Ken sees a figure that’s coming closer...It’s Cher!!!! 

And she’s singing to him:

'Cause you’re strong enough
To live without him
Strong enough and you’ve been crying
Long enough now you’re strong enough
To know he’s gotta go 

Just as quickly as she came, she also disappeared. 

- What a vision! Am I loosing my mind? Or did it really happen? Anyway I feel so different now! Hector who? Ancient history! Hello life! Here I come! 

Come hell or waters high
You'll never see me cry
This is our last goodbye, it's true
I'm telling you
That I'm strong enough...

Ken is enjoying his coke when someone behind him says:
-Heyyyy gorgeous!

The dancer guy touches Ken’s shoulder quite tenderly and asks:
- What’s up? I haven’t seen you dancing in a long time.

- Oops sorry! I accidentally spilled my drink all over you. How clumsy of me, Ken says. 
Then he turns around and walks away humming:

There's no more to say
So save your breath
And then walk away
No matter what I hear you say
I'm strong enough to know you gotta go... 
- What the hell is wrong with everyone?! I’m not a toy, don’t play with me!

The summer goes by and Ken is feeling better.

Ken continues his occasional road trips and even visits Axu´s home!

And what a miracle it is: the weather is still warm in September!

- It won’t be long before I have to say goodbye to my pretty summer dresses and start wearing layers of clothes and beanies and tights and all that uncomfortable stuff... I wonder if it would be possible to travel to Spain for the whole winter...

Ken has something that needs to be done. It should have been done some time ago actually. Heavy clouds are hanging above his head when he enters this ugly building.
- District court, oh boy...

Getting a divorce is ridiculously easy. You just fill up a simple paper and pay 300 euros. Then you wait for six months. That’s it. 
A single tear falls down on Ken’s cheek when he signs the paper.

Time to get rid of all the painful memories.

Now what do you do when you´re not attached to anyone or anything? Ken has no home, no husband, no work. 

Well, of course Ken flies to Fuerteventura like he does every winter. Only this time he’s not planning on coming back.

Ken doesn’t have any clear plans about his future, but at least Blaine was very happy to have him on the island again. 
Is it love or just lust - who knows? Who cares?

Javier has found his true love and is just about to get married like a good catholic boy should do. No more gay stuff with Blaine! They still are the best of friends though and both Javier and Paloma love to visit Blaine and Ken.

- It took over 20 years to get you here by my side, Ken. I will never ever let you go again, Blaine says.
And Ken feels like purring like a cat.

- Here’s your cheese, Ken. Are you sure four is enough?
- Yummy! Queso de Burgos is the best thing I can think of to put inside my mouth...
- I know something even better...
- Haha! That’s the dessert!

It’s time to say goodbye to Ken. Let’s hope that he will live happily ever after with Blaine and that every once in a while he would send us a postcard from the paradise.