2018- The temptations

Those eyes, dark as the night, deep as the sea, mysterious as the space... Ken feels like he got lost in them and doesn’t want to find his way back.

The weather forecast says that the spring should finally start this week! Hector wants to ski every day now when it’s still possible. - Be safe and enjoy, Ken says and gives him a kiss.

- Hey Santtu, how should we continue our exercise when the snow melts?
- Well, there are lots of options... Cycling maybe? Roller skating? Kayaking? Badminton? Running, hiking, weight lifting, bowling... anything! You name it!

Let´s see who this Santtu guy is. He is Hector’s friend. Being over 40 and getting older all the time, Santtu is concerned about staying healthy and fit. Santtu shows the good example to Hector who agrees that exercising together with a friend is much more fun than on your own. These two won’t end up being couch potatoes!

What an ugly weather! Ken really has to fight against the temptation of buying loads of chocolate.

- Let’s face it: the skiing season is officially over, Hector says.
- There’s still plenty of snow in Lapland though... Santtu replies.
- True! What if...
- Thumbs up for that! I’ll book us a hotel room, you buy the train tickets!

- Ken! I’m going to Lapland!
- What?! And why???? It’s still winter up there!
- That’s Exactly why! 
- Well, I’m not going to join you. I have had enough of the snow.
- Oh, I didn’t expect you to...
- Aaah, you’re going with Santtu?
- Yes. We are leaving tomorrow on a night train.
- Ok! Have a great time, darling!

What could possibly be more comfortable way of travelling than a night train? You go to sleep in the evening and when you wake up in the morning you have arrived at your destination.

Santtu and Hector arrive at Lapland.
- This is going to be one amazing week!

Waiting for the ice to melt.

Ken is feeling confused and lonely while Hector is in Lapland with Santtu. He has trouble getting sleep and he thinks:
- I refuse to be jealous! Jealousy leads to nothing good. It would make us all miserable if I forbid Hector from spending so much time with Santtu. All the sports activities and long talks they have had have make Hector so happy. I must get a grip of myself.

Besides Ken does have his own secret happy place in the arms of the tall, dark eyed stranger. Only by looking at him and holding him, this man makes Ken fly to heaven and beyond. It’s an intoxicating feeling, like a drug. Ken needs more and more.