2018 - The beginning of the end

- What are you sewing, Ken?
- A new summer dress. I will try it on in a second, don’t go anywhere.

- Hold the mirror so I can see the back of the dress.
- Why such a summery dress? Summer won’t be here in months.
- It’s always summer in some parts of the world!

Ken just finished sewing another new dress. He absolutely adores it. What do you think?

Ken enters the garage twirling!
- Take me dancing, Hector!
- That’s a pretty dress, but no. I’m going skiing.

- Hector, let’s make a snowman!
- Maybe later. I’m going skiing again!

Ken thinks that Hector deserves to have a new sports outfit that compliments his new athletic body. He starts to sew something right after Hector has left.

After several hours Hector returns home and Ken gives him the new jacket and pants.
- Wow Ken! This is amazing! You’re so talented! Thank you so much!

- Maybe we can go dancing tonight then?
- What’s with the dancing obsession? We can’t even dance, can we? We both have two left feet!
- We could learn! Together!
- Ken, I don’t want to. Besides I can’t wait to go skiing and test this outfit!

Skiing is now even better than before!

- I’ll go by myself then, Ken thinks and puts on his new dress. He is nervous though because he has never been to "lavatanssit" before and it’s pretty scary to go without a partner.

- You look beautiful tonight Ken!
- I’m going dancing. Selma and Olga are taking me with them. 

- That’s great! Have fun!

Ken, Olga and Selma have arrived at the dance hall.
Olga explains that if Ken wants some man to ask him to a dance he should go and stand among all the ladies near the wall.

Ken walks towards the line of women and thinks:
- What a meat counter! What am I doing here?

When the band starts to play, a woman after another gets walked onto the dance floor, but nobody asks Ken.

Ken is pleased to notice that Lotta is there too. It makes the situation a bit easier. She says:
- Don’t worry Ken. Someone will ask you. And if not, my Jussi will dance with you the next song. Ok?

- Even that drunken girl gets to dance! She can barely stay on her feet.

Ken feels really stupid. 
- I’m too much of a freak in this place... I shouldn’t have come at all. I’ll just go back home.

But when Ken is heading to the doors, a tall stranger stops him and asks:
- May I have this dance?

Oh the feeling when you finally get noticed! 
Ken whispers: 
- I must confess that I really don’t know how to dance. I have no idea of the right steps and moves.
- Just lean on me, trust me. I will take care of the rest. Let the music enter your heart.

- I’ve never seen you here before. You really stand out, you’re nothing like the other girls here.
- Well that’s because I’m...
- Exceptional! That’s what you are. One of a kind. I am honored to dance with you, the dancing partner says.
And with that said all the negative feelings about being a no good freak are suddenly swept away from Ken’s mind. He keeps looking at this guys dark eyes, he relaxes and lets the stranger lead him.

Ken feels like Cinderella. He doesn’t even notice the rest of the people around them.