2021 - The body transplant surgery

Today Ken has a new client who wants a corset. Ken takes his measurements very carefully. Millimeters count on the corset patterns. Also this is the first time he gets this close for an mtm body and its beauty fascinates him.

He has decided to go through the body transplant surgery. Seeing and touching the new body type helped him to make up his mind. Besides getting any work done without a thumb is pretty damn hard!

Ken’s mind is on the body transplant surgery, and he’s having difficulties on concentrating on the corset in the making. He almost started to sew with a red thread!

The corset however turns out fine and fits like a glove. Well, better than a glove... it fits like a corset! The client is very pleased.

The beautiful customer gives Ken a bottle of Baileys as an extra thank you gift. Ken gets a bit confused:
- Oh... I don’t dri... I mean... that’s very kind of you. Thank you!

Since Baileys tastes like candy, Ken can’t resist drinking it all at once! He never drinks alcohol but he has read on some women’s magazine that it’s important to drink plenty of water with alcohol to avoid hangover. So he spends a relaxing evening sipping Baileys and a lot of spring water.

Ken gets this great idea about starting to write a blog about his childhood memories. He’s been writing a whole bunch of ever so interesting posts when he suddenly receives a video call.

The caller is Hector:
- Hi Ken, how are you?
- I feel happily happy!!!
- Nice to hear that. So you got home safe and sound?
- And happily happy!!!
- Hahahaaa, Ken, are you drunk?!
- Maybe! I have almost finished this bottle of Baileys! And I feel so happily happy!
- I never thought I’d live to see this day! Happily happy sounds great though! Try not to do anything silly.

The next morning Ken wakes up with no hangover. He is a bit embarrased of the blog he created. He deletes it right away and laughs at himself.

Ken is cleaning after last night, when Ritva storms in.
- We found you a match!!!! We have a body donor for you!!!!!
- Already?!?!?
- Come! We must get to the clinic right now!

- Come in, Mr Ken. I am doctor Sahala and I will be supervising your niece when she performs the surgery. Sit down, please.

Dr. Sahala explains all the risks of the surgery to make sure Ken has really thought about it thoroughly.
- The new body will not be a perfect skin color match to your head, but it’s the closest possible. You will have to say goodbye to your current gorgeous legs. The new body type requires jointed knees and if I may say, they are anything but pretty. For the rest of your life your best friend will be the pantyhose that covers the knees. Also there may be complications during the surgery and we may not be able to pull it through. But even the worst case scenario is that you only will wake up in your old body again.

The operation takes hours and the surgeons face unexpected challenges. It’s harder than Ritva realized. And when it comes to her favorite auntie, she suddenly feels more nervous than ever before.

When Ken wakes up from the anesthesia, the first thing he sees is Kaarna’s face. She looks worried.
- How are you feeling, Ken darling? What’s with the wheelchair beside your bed?

Ken sits up and starts moving his new body. The feeling is overwhelming. Obviously he won’t be needing the wheelchair. 
Kaarna says:
- You know what’s best? You can fart on your hand and smell it!
They are laughing so much that it makes their stomachs hurt when Dr. Sahala and Ritva enter the room.

The doctors tell that the operation was a success and that Ken can go home tomorrow and start enjoying his new flexible life.

When Ken gets home he sits down on the porch, just because he can! 
- I need the spring to start right now! I want to drink my morning tea sitting here and listening to the birds.

Ken notices soon that standing up is very easy, but the skinny legs and very slippery skin make him uncomfortable. His pantyhose are way too large now and don’t stay up!

He is about to start modifying his old clothes when someone knocks on the door. It’s a delivery guy but Ken hasn’t ordered anything.

The delivery guy brought a bouquet of roses. They are from Hector.
- I should go to a surgery more often. All these flowers!

Ken is showing Kaarna the possibilities of his new body.
- Look, how I can put my legs together like a lady!

- Man spreading!
- Don’t!!!! That freaks me out!

- And look, super chill and laid back...
- Sorry Ken, as much as I enjoy your performance, I need to go. Have to get ready for the therapy session.

When Kaarna comes back from her therapist, Ken runs to her place and twirls around:
- I made a new skirt! 
- It’s pretty. Looks like a table cloth. Do you have any more of that fabric? I could use a table cloth.
- Sure! I’ll go and get it for you right away!

Ken comes back after a short while with the table cloth.
- So, how was your therapy?
- Even worse than usually, Kaarna replies and a her eyes fill with tears.

- The therapist suggested that I should consider some kind of antidepressant. He thinks that my brain is so stuck in a certain pattern that it must be released from its own prison.
- That might not be such a bad idea. The pills helped me a lot when I had to survive the divorce.