2021 - Crafting and creating

The snow is almost gone and it’s finally time for some yard work! Ken puts bricks in front of the porch.

Kaarna arrives.
- Hey girl! How’s everything going?
- Pretty good. I’ve been taking photos in the forest. But it’s kind of boring.

- I need something else, I’m done with the forest photos.
- How about some urban exploration? I know an amazing empty building.
- Cool!
- Give me a hand with these bricks and I will take you there!

They drive to an abandoned hospital and manage to crawl in through a broken window. Urban exploration is not vandalism. It’s about taking only photos and leaving only footprints.

Kaarna immediately falls in love with this beautiful building from the era of functionalism. She also feels sorrow for its destiny. After 80 years of glory it now has been standing there abandoned for a decade and it will be torn down eventually. 

Kaarna feels really inspired by the stories this house has. If only it could talk!

Then they go to the lake shore to watch and listen how the ice melts. This is the best part of spring. The winter is giving up.

Oh boy! The first flowers are peaking from the ground!

Here comes Filia carrying something big and heavy.
- I have something for your garden, strong girl!

Filia puts a giant matryoshka on Ken’s arms and leaves.
Ken really likes these Russian dolls, but having one of this size in his garden is not what he had planned.

It’s so warm that it’s almost hot. This feeling after a long winter is always mindblowing.

Ken wants to paint a heart-shaped welcome sign on his front door.
- Don’t you think that’s a bit too encouraging for Filia?
- Um... maybe you’re right... I’ll paint another one without the text.

Now it’s welcoming but not a direct order to step in.

Ken has planned to spend this rainy week on sewing, but when he starts, he notices that all of a sudden the sewing machine doesn’t work.

Ken has no other option than to take the machine to a repair shop and hope for the best.

Kaarna is exploring an abandoned railway station. She finds a way in through the basement.

She’s happy with the photos she got from this once so important building that nowadays stands empty by the train tracks.

Ken is bored. He notices that he still has no shelf for his toy collection.
- I could try to build something.

There are plenty of left over planks in the basement. Ken asked a permission from the head of the housing cooperative to use them.

Ken hasn’t been building any stuff latelty, but since he can’t afford buying any furniture these days, he has to try crafting again.

He wants the shelf look old, so Kaarna tries to help with the painting.
- I hate the saying ”shabby chic” but I’ll try my best...

Kaarna’s self criticism prevents her from being happy with the results, but Ken likes his new shelf.

Ken picked up his sewing machine. It was an expensive repair, but he knows that it’s always better to fix this old reliable machine than to buy a modern disaster.

- Of course it’s snowing on the 1st of May. Well, this time it’s good, because I have to stay inside sewing and finishing the orders that have been waiting.

After finishing the commission sewing Ken has finally time to think about his own wardrobe. His arms are so much longer than before, and he needs a whole lot of new blouses and coats.

- Ken, you look hot today! And so... young.
- Thank you! Or...? Should I wear something more appropriate for my age?
- No. Don’t change anything!

Ken is so pleased with the new jacket that he feels a strange urge to hang around in the city center.

He soon remembers why he’s not a fan of big cities. So many temptations in the shops and restaurants, but not much of anything for someone without money to spend. And since it happens to be Monday, the museums are closed.

He invests a couple of euros in a cone of soft ice cream and realizes it’s definitely not warm enough to sit in the harbor eating ice cream.

Ken continues his sewing project. Something for his age this time.
- I like this pattern a lot. Should I make another dress of a different fabric?

Ken and Kaarna have lunch in the garden today. The weather suddenly turned really warm along with a wonderful southern breeze.

- The night temperatures are also getting higher. When do you think we could start the camping trip?

- I still have quite a lot of work to do, but after I have finished them, we could hit the road. If the weather stays nice.

After the lunch Ken places new roses in the garden.

Let the sun shine!

Kaarna got mail. 
- Wow, this was fast... I placed my order only yesterday!

She ordered large prints of her black and white photos from the abandoned buildings.

Ken is annoyed:
- I hate working when it’s summer outside!

But who says you can’t take the sewing machine outside?