2021 - Waiting for the spring

Kaarna comes out to breath some fresh air and watch how the snow is smelting on the roof. She is way too tired to go for a walk.

Lately she hasn’t had energy to anything other than sleeping. 
- Why am I so sleepy? I keep falling asleep during the day many times. It’s been like this since I started the antidepressant. Is this how they treat my depression? By making me be unconscious all day?

Ken on the other hand is full of energy. Like every spring he has a huge urge for home making. But this time it’s not about redecorating the house, but it’s all about motor homes! He’s exploring the amazing self built vans that the nomad people live in these days, travelling all around the world.

- I already have a van, although a very small one. Why do I pack the tent in the back when I could sleep inside the van? That would make camping so much easier! I bet I could fit myself in the back... this requires some serious planning!

And going to a hard ware store requires some masculine clothing. The staff never takes Ken seriously when he’s wearing a dress.

He went to the hardware store only to buy some plywood for his van build, but surprisingly he comes home with wallpapers for the kitchen.

Renovation is wonderful but the cleaning up afterwards sucks many asses, Ken thinks.

Kaarna comes over to see the final results of Ken’s renovation madness.
- You’re so energetic. And all I can do is sleep. This is horrible. I have slept all day and I’m still tired.
- It might be the medicine. The side effects can be horrible in the beginning. Give it one more week and if it doesn’t get any easier, go see your doctor.

Finally the spring is here! It’s +8 degrees and sunny! What a perfect day to take down the Christmas lights and ornaments.

Turns out that the spring was just a fraud. Ken still decides to start to build his van.

He soon realizes that his van is too small for two people. And maybe too small for even one person.

Ken is eager to start sewing the bedding but let’s face it: there’s two more months before the weather is warm enough for outdoor sleeping.

One afternoon Kaarna wakes up with the weirdest feeling. It takes a while before she recognizes what it is:
- Bloody hell! I’m not tired anymore!

She steps outside and sees that the snow is melting rapidly. She hears the great tits singing. She breaths in and notices that the air no longer hurts her nose on its way to her lungs. The spring has come.

The next day is also very sunny. Kaarna can’t find Ken, but she knows he wouldn’t mind lending her his thermos.

The river banks are almost completely free from snow. Kaarna walks slowly, since she’s a bit worried that she will get too tired and won’t make it back home if she pushes it too far.

- I used to love photographing so much but now I feel nothing. Maybe if I just force myself to take photos, the enthusiasm will return.

The picnic season has officially started.

When Kaarna comes home, she finds Ken in a weird place.
- What are you doing in the car?!
- It’s not a car anymore! It’s Herbert, my new camper van!
Kaarna looks inside and sees the cabinets and bed.
- Wow! When did this happen?
- I made it all while you were asleep. You’ve been sleeping a lot! Come in now!

- We can sleep in here together, if we stay in one position. Spooning is nice, right?

It’s snowing again. Ken is tired from all the building he’s done lately, but Kaarna can finally see the future.
- I can’t wait for the summer and being able to travel again with you. Where would you like to drive first, Ken?
- I’m thinking about the Swedish speaking west coast. Traveling there would feel a bit like being abroad.