2021 - Summer, finally!

Ken needs some alone time and goes to watch Nomadland. He he´s got a feeling it would be an important movie for him to see and he is right. That living in a van lifestyle is what he needs, and some day he will make it happen.

When he comes out of the darkness of the movie theater, he realizes that the summer has began! It’s so warm!!!

Kaarna has noticed the same: it’s suddenly 20 degrees out there! She puts on her favorite shorts but they don’t fit anymore!!!! Have they shrunken?

She pours two glasses of refreshing pear lemonade with the cutest possible ice cubes before she heads outside.

- Hey Ken, would you like to have some lemonade?
- Oh, how sweet of you! Thanks! Wow... it looks so fancy. You really put an effort on it!

- Ken, do you think I’m fat?
- No! Why would you even ask that?
- I couldn’t squeeze myself into my favorite shorts. And actually these pants are not very comfortable anymore either.
- Take them off then and enjoy the sun! But anyway... you have put on a little weight, but I think it suits you beautifully.
- Oh no....

Filia arrives and sits down on a chair. She has just found a pair of shoes at the widowers’ club second hand shop and she proudly shows them to her neighbours.
- You are really flexible, Ken admires.
- 65 years old! Try to do the same, strong girl!

When Kaarna complaints about her sore tummy, Filia says:
- You have farts in there. I’ll show you a good move. Just do what I’m doing! You too, strong girl. Stretching is good for everyone!
- I can’t... I’m not wearing panties under my miniskirt...
- Ha! Neither am I! 

And then she shows the moves and everything else too! Kaarna laughs so hard that her stomach starts to hurt even more!

Ken and Kaarna go through Ken’s wardrobe to find pants that would fit Kaarna’s wider butt. 
- I have always thought that this onepiece is more of my style than yours!
- You can have it. I’m actually too tall for it now. I wonder if Olga would take some of the dresses that are now too big for me. She’s got the same body type I used to have!

They only find one pair of knee high tricot pants, but other than that none of Ken’s pants fits Kaarna at all. Kaarna asks if Ken would sew something for her or at least make the old pants wider.
- Sorry Kaarna! I really don’t have time now. You could try the flea markets? Well, need to go now… I’m having lunch with Tupu, see you!

Ken and Tupu are at a street food place next to the dam. Ken is happy to see Tupu after a surprisingly long time:
- You’ve cut your hair short! Looks good on you that way too. Always gorgeous!
- Thank you Ken. It’s the new divorced me… 
- Divorced? You and Riina have separated?! Oh my… that’s… I’m sorry… I never would’ve guessed that would happen to you guys… you always were the…
- The perfect couple? I know, I thought so too. And actually I could’ve said the same about you and Hector.
- What is it with us all? We go past 40 and boom, every couple splits up.

Tupu asks Ken to spend the Midsummer Weekend in her summer house.
- I’m thinking of inviting Selma and Olga also. And please ask Kaarna too! She seems important to you and I would love to get to know her!
- Thank you! That sounds nice! I’m definitely coming and I hope Kaarna will too.

Meanwhile Kaarna is trying to find jeans. She hates shopping, and especially she hates shopping for pants. But even more than that, she hates trying to find pants to buy in flea markets! So she goes to a supermarket.

Ken hurries home and is anxious to tell the good news to Kaarna.

- This Midsummer gathering at Tupu’s might be just what she needs. She really doesn’t have any friends and I think spending time with other people besides me would do a lot good for her self esteem.

Kaarna is already at home already when Ken arrives.
- No, I couldn’t find any trousers. Everything is so expensive! I got sweaty and frustrated and then a panic attack. Now I have to wear these bloody yoga pants all summer. I hate being poor and I hate being sick in the head and I hate being fat!!!
- I’ll see what I can do to fix your old pants. I have quite a lot of work to do also, but maybe I can do some extra sewing at some point.

When Ken tells about Tupu’s invitation, Kaarna gets terrified:
- No!!! They are your friends! I would be so uncomfortable! Not knowing what to do and say…
- Could you at least think about it? They all are really nice people.

- It’s so hot… Kaarna begins.
- Don’t you dare complain now! We just had 8 months of winter!!!! But, still… I hope it will rain a bit next week when we are at Tupu’s or else my roses might die.

- But I’m not going to Tupu’s, so I can water your flowers. Will you have time to sew me shorts before you leave?
- Are you sure you don’t want to join us?! It would do good for you! Plus I would enjoy more if you were there with me.
- Nope, not coming.

The disadvantage of working outside is the distraction that comes from the neighborhood.
- Strong girl! Look what I bought! The lingerie requires some alterations, that you can do!

Filia has found her ancient lingerie and wants Ken to enlarge the sexy little night dress and patch the holes made by moths.
- It’s about time for me to get a man! My cunt will rotten otherwise!
Filia laughs like a witch and Ken thinks:
- Why can’t I say no to people?!

Ken is stressed to the moon and back because of all the sewing, but seeing Kaarna’s face when she gets her new pants makes it all worth it.

- The jeans were a bit problematic. I added stretchy stripes on both sides.
- Stretchy! Red stripes! This is horrible… I’ve turned into a person who has to wear stretchy jeans. My stomach looks gigantic! I can’t handle this!!!
- Oh come on Kaarna. Body positivity is today’s word. Don’t talk like that.
- Fucking easy for you to say!!!! With your looks!!! The perfect smile, the lion hair and the slim body!