2021 - The heat wave

It really feels nice to be at home again. The heat wave is still continuing, which is a bit of a miracle.

Ken goes to see the mail box and finds a package of rainbow stuff and an amazing bonsai tree. he has won in a drawing on Instagram! His homecoming begins wonderfully.

Obviously Kaarna has been taking good care of his roses. And there she comes right now! She runs to Ken and gives him a big hug and hundred kisses.

- I have missed you so much!

Ken and Kaarna are spending a hot summer day on the cliffs of an old mine.

Ken places a cake and juice on the picnic blanket and Kaarna looks surprised:
- Cake! Are we celebrating something?
- My birthday.
- Oh no! I totally didn’t know, or remember…
- It’s okay. I didn’t expect you to remember. No pressure. Let’s just enjoy the mine lake and the weather and relax. This is a perfect way to spend a birthday, with no fuss.

The water is super warm. This is what happiness is all about, Ken thinks gratefully.

Ken remembers the bird house that he bought from his trip to Lapland and hangs it on a tree.
- No birds will move into it this summer, but it’ll be here ready waiting for the spring.

The weather keeps being amazing in Ken and Kaarna’s home town area, it´s ben like that for over a month now. This is the warmest and the driest summer ever in Finland. The temperatures are around +30 degrees Celsius and there has been no rain. Ken and Kaarna are enjoying every bit if it and trying to fill their souls up with the hot air and bright light to survive another winter in Finland.

But there is a dark side of this abnormally wonderful heat wave too. Kaarna reads the news about horrible rains and floods that keep tormenting the Central Europe.
- Over a hundred dead and over a thousand is missing. Collapsed houses, closed hospitals. Army tanks on the streets helping out. It looks like a war zone out there.
- That is terrible. While Finland is boiling, Germany is drowning. There really is something badly wrong in the climate. I know I shouldn’t be enjoying this heat so much because of that, but I can’t help it. This weather makes me happy. This is my personal paradise.

No matter how hot the air is, sauna always feels nice.

Nobody wants to stay inside the house. Not even for cooking. Barbecue time!

Kaarna asks if they could make a little camping trip on Herbert. Ken answers:
- I have been thinking the same, but every time I have started to drive this summer, the rain has been following me. I’m a bit afraid that it might happen again.

They drive to the countryside where Ken spent some alone time in a tent three years ago. That was a really hot summer also. Ken parks Herbert and they run to the water. 
- No swimsuits needed! This is a paradise, Kaarna lauhgs while stripping herself naked on her way.

- This is all I need. I wish some day we can buy a real motor home and live on the road full time, Ken says.
- Keep dreaming. With our income that will never happen.

This is the same place where Ken saw Cher three years ago. He doesn’t want to share that memory with Kaarna. Quite often Ken dreams of getting on a time machine and travelling to the past. To the time before Fuerteventura, Blaine and Santtu.

Kaarna takes out her camera. The sunset is beautiful. This is going to be a nice trip!

But the next morning they wake up when Herbert swings back and fort. The wind has started to blow really hard. They come out of the van and feel the sudden coldness in the air.

Kaarna checks the weather forecast.
- This can’t be possible! Now they say it’ll be 15 degrees with strong wind all week!!!!! What the bloody fuck is this?! Are we cursed or what?! A drop of ten degrees in the temperature over one night!!!

Ken tells Selma about their bad luck with the weather this summer.
- I keep thinking ”no rain no rain no rain” and all I get is rain when I go camping.

Selma has an explanation:
- The universe doesn’t understand the word ”no”. If you ask ”no rain no rain”, it only hears ”rain rain”. You have to rethink the manifesting.

- Manifesting… I will try, Ken says. But Kaarna covers her face with her hand so that Selma wouldn’t see her eyes rolling. These hippies! And how stupid is their beloved universe if it doesn’t even know the most simple word…

One of the many advantages of the hot summer is that you hardly ever have to do the laundry. You just wear a bikini from morning to night.

Kaarna sips her morning tea outside on the yard and thinks:
- If we always had a weather like this, all year round, I wouldn’t need any antidepressants. On mornings like these I wake up with a light heart and free mind.

- Have I been really lazy this summer? I think I haven’t done much of anything… I haven’t even picked blueberrier or washed the rugs. Well, it’s ok to be lazy. This has been a peaceful summer without adventures or drama. That’s fine by me, but my Instagram followers might have wanted something else.