The storm

Ken wakes up one morning and goes outside. He notices that the stormy wind has damaged the house and garden during the night.

He is annoyed and frustrated. He doesn’t have time to clean up all this. He’s got sewing work to do: changing zippers, shortening pants…

While Ken is sewing a new zipper on some customer’s old pair of jeans, he wonders:
- I actually don’t even like doing these repair comissions. In fact I hate this… why am I doing these?

It’s chilly, but not windy anymore and Ken and Kaarna can get to work. Luckily the damages are not as bad as they first seemed to be.

- Some of the flower pots are broken, but we don’t need to throw them away.
- Yeah, those can be glued! Can we pretend that this giant matryosha was hit by a falling tree and is now impossible to repair?

- Nice work, Kaarna!

- Oops, I ”accidentally” dropped the matryoshka into the bin, Ken laughs.
- Thank god! She won’t be missed!

And the damaged roses can live happily ever after in the living room. Maybe a day or two that is!

Kaarna has really learned to enjoy her daily bike rides - as long as it doesn’t rain. The radiant yellow leaves light up her soul on a sunny day like this.

She finds these sculptures inspiring.
- I wish I could find my creativity again some day and make something astonishing.
(The piece of art  @korhonenmarjukka )

October. Ken puts the garden into a winter mode. Nobody has been sitting outside since August.

- I definitely need more lanterns! Ken thinks while replacing flower pots with things more suitable for this season.

- Hey Kaarna! If you ride to the town, could you go to the flea markets and see if they have any cheap lanterns? I’m so busy…
- Sure! Of course!

Kaarna finds a few and in the evening they hang the lanterns on the porch with frozen fingers.
- The coldness is insane!!! Let’s go inside and make hot chocolate!

Ken asks Kaarna to join him for a walk and picnic, since it’s a beatiful day and all. While they enjoy their hot chocolate and rye bread, Ken asks:
- Have you tried geocaching? It’s been a while since my last cache. 
- I don’t remember ever doing it. Show me!

Ken teaches Kaarna how to use the geocaching app and they see that there is a cache nearby. Kaarna crawls into the cave-like formation and finds a funny box.

It’s always good to carry a pencil in the backpack, since there are no pencils in every cache. Kaarna writes her name on the log book.
- Yay, my first one! How many have you found?
- Almost 500, Ken replies after checking the app.