Busy as a bee

Ken has started to prepare some products for the Christmas market season. He thinks that serial production might be worth trying.

The next day Kaarna helps him to fold and pack the new products.
- You’ve made so much of them!
- But it’s still not enough. I have to make more.
- You work all the time! Don’t you ever take a day off?!
- I will, later!

Ken is trying to figure out how to make everything look nice in the selling booth. Kaarna can’t believe her eyes.
- Ken, I think I can hear your living room begging for mercy. It’s suffering. The sofa is drowning under all those products!

- Yes, the sofa must go. Do you want it?
- What…? Yes! Yes yes yes!!!!! 
- Cool. Let’s carry it to your place right now!

- Ken is so boring these days. I miss doing things and going to places with him. Well… at least I have a much cozier home now, thanks to his manic working.

- Oh no! I messed this one up. I’m too tired already, getting sloppy. I need a break.

Back to business. Ken buys an old market stall frame from his former employer. It’s great except for the color. Orange doesn’t go well together with Ken’s products and Ken has to paint it.

He has to work long hours with the market stall to make it look better. It’s rustic and traditional now, just like his products.

Kaarna tries to keep on cycling, but it’s hard to get outside when it’s windy and rainy. There are hardly any yellow leaves left and the sky is as gray as her soul.

Since it’s raining all the time she doesn’t feel like doing anything. So she heads to the lowest point of humanity: the local bar. It’s been a while since she last saw Taylor.

Taylor is happy to see Kaarna. She gently guides Muija away from the bar counter so Kaarna can sit.
- Look, there’s an empty chair on that gentleman’s table and he looks like he could use some company.

Kaarna spots an exceptionally beautiful girl and something goes upside down inside of her. Taylor introduces them:
- This is Mari, my sister. She came here to lecture me.
- About what, Kaarna chuckles.
- About everything. Cause that’s the way she is.
Kaarna can’t think of anything to say. That girl is the most beautiful creature she has ever laid her eyes on.

Taylor and Mari argue about some trivial stuff like sisters tend to do. Kaarna giggles while listening to their show and enjoys her hot chocolate with whipped cream and mint liquor.

She feels like a twelve-year-old at Mari’s presence and is quite relieved when the stunning creature leaves the bar. 

Taylor notices the change in her behaviour and says:
- Stay away from her. She’s an absolut psycopath. She brings trouble.
Kaarna laughs. Taylor is always such a drama queen.

At home Kaarna finds Mari on Facebook. Apparently she has a lot of friends. Is she one of those who accepts a friend request from literally anybody or does she really know all these people? Kaarna settles for being a stalker.

She already has trouble getting out of bed in the mornings, but now that she found Mari’s Instagram account, it’s already lunch time before she even realizes it.

Kaarna comes to see what Ken is up to. Working, of course…
- What’s the rush, Ken? You still have the whole November to get ready for the Christmas market!

- No, I don’t. I’m not going to spend one more November in this country! And neither are you.
- What are you talking about?
- Pack your bags. I found a cheap package holiday trip for us. We are flying to Fuerteventura tomorrow!
- Ken!!!!!!!!!