Happy holidays

- What are you doing, Ken?
- Putting on an apron.
- And why?
- I’m baking gingerbread…
- I thought I was going to create Christmas for you!!! It was supposed to be my gift to you!!!
- Yes… but I need a day with no work. Let’s make a gingerbread house together.

- I’m also thinking about making some cookies for the neighbors. To spread some Christmas spirit.

- Don’t use all the icing on the neighbors’ cookies! 

- We have to make a lot more of it anyway, since you wanted to make a gigantic house!

Ken leaves a package of gingerbread cookies in each neighbors’ mailbox.

- Ok, mission gingerbread accomplished! You’re in charge of Christmas again! I’ll start sewing now and I won’t stop before all the work is done.

Ken is finishing a silk dress when Filia comes in… without even knocking as usual.
- Thank you for the gingerbread. Here is your present.
- Um…

Filia hands a plaster bust to Ken.
- And who is this?
- Mozart of course!
- Mozart…?
- Yes! Are you stupid or deaf? Take it now, it’s yours. You can let the blue haired girl keep it every once in a while, too.
- But Mozart…?

Mozart goes up on top of the fireplace with the ugly pig that’s also from Filia.
- I wish she stopped hoarding or at least gave up on giving this shitty stuff to me, Ken sighs and continues his work.

When Kaarna goes grocery shopping she needs to take a cooler box with her to protect the fresh vegetables from freezing on the way.

Apparently the whole town has decided to go shopping today. Kaarna spots a familiar face and walks quickly to the opposite direction.
- That girl is always at Mocambo and always very drunk. Looks like she’s preparing a lovely Christmas dinner too.

Also Filia has been shopping. At this time of the year people clean up their homes and therefore the flea markets are full of extremely useful things.

It’s the morning of the 24th. Ken is still asleep when Kaarna comes in and jumps on the bed shouting like an annoying radio host:
- Gooooood moooooorning and welcome to Christmas Eve a la Kaarna!!!!

- Here is today’s program! At first we enjoy big bowls of hot rice porridge! After that comes a surprise! Then we will go outside and walk peacefully around the village admiring the lights and ornaments. For dinner we have tacos…
- Tacos?!
- Yes! And after stuffing our tummies full we spend the rest of the evening bing watching Dexter The New Blood! With traditional joulutorttus and glögi!
- Sounds perfect, Ken laughs.

- Have you actually been up for two hours cooking that porridge?!
- No way! I bought a ready-to-eat version and I just warmed it up!
- Smells and looks like a real thing though! 
- And tastes! I tested three different brands. This is good stuff.

Kaarna takes Ken to her apartment and shows the surprise.
- Gifts?! But we agreed on not giving any this year.
- Maybe you should’ve told that to the World’s biggest Christmas person too!
- Ellie…? (@elliefromfinland)
- Yes! She sent us these presents! And look how big they are!

- Oh look! Matching shirts!
- We can wear them today! And look at these cool sneakers I got!

- And what about this planner then! Ellie is such a sweet girl. And it does feel nice to receive gifts on Christmas. Maybe…
- … we should keep that tradition alive next year.
- I agree. But only something really small…
- …and cheap!

Tacos for Christmas dinner. Kaarna says:
- I know you like to honor traditions, but to be honest, traditional Christmas menu is not what I like at all and it’s too much work to prepare. 

- I learned this recipe at the commune. One freak who we called Master Martti made the best tacos ever, even if he was a total nutcase himself.
- Did he live in the commune?
- Not for long. He went to India, because some woodoo astrology bullshit app on his phone told him to do so.
- Sometimes I have a hard time imagining you living with all those hippies.
- Me too!

- And now, hello Dexter, old friend!
- I’m so afraid that this season is going to suck. That always happens when they start warming up legends. Just think about Sex And The City and the crappy movies they made afterwards.

Ken is feeling relaxed and happy.
- Thank you for making Christmas to me. This has been a wonderful day. And I’ve noticed that you seem to have been feeling better lately.
- I have. Spending all November in the Canary Islands made a huge difference. I’m super grateful for that. Also I think that the new meds I’m on, are working well.