Ken is happy for finally having time for the chores. After Christmas most craftsmen have very little work to do.

But Kaarna feels empty after finishing the Grand Project Christmas. Now what? Back to the holy trinity of Netflix, Facebook and Instagram?

It’s a great day for a “nuotioretki” but Kaarna’s phone keeps beeping all the time. 

(How on earth do you translate that?! Nuotioretki: You walk in the woods and go to a campfire place and light a fire and cook something to eat.

- What is it? Let’s move on, before it gets dark.
- It’s… nothing. I’m coming!

The battery of Kaarna’s iPhone dies and she gets annoyed. Ken takes the sausages out of his backpack and starts to barbecue.
- Nothing can be that important on the phone now. Can’t you try to enjoy the nature and the fire?
- Sorry, Ken. You’re right.

Kaarna rushes in to plug her phone.

- I hope Mari didn’t get offended when I disappeard like that in the middle of chatting!!!

Ken feels a sudden need for something sweet, but there is nothing else in the house than the candy canes on the tree.
- Well, it’s a good time to say farewell to Christmas anyway. I feel the spring is approaching.

- If I moved the sofa to the living room… or maybe I could put kitchen to the other side… But oh yes, the crown moldings first! I should install them before doing anything else!

And just because Ken is Ken, it takes zero time before he has visited the hardware store and gotten all the things he needs.

- I’d better change clothes before painting though… and I need Kaarna’s help also…

Yes… there’s definitely spring in the air!

- Ken! I hate this!
- Me too. It’s so difficult. Hold it right there now! Don’t move!!! Where did I put that hammer…?
- It’s on the floor! Of course!

- Playing the furniture chess is always so refreshing! My same old home feels like a brand new home now!
- I’m super hungry! 
- I’ll fix us something. Go get changed and come back to eat, okay?

Kaarna runs to her home, changes clothes and checks her messages.
- Oh fuck allmighty!!!! Tonight???? Oh no no no no no……

Ken is humming happily but he notices that Kaarna is nervous.
- What is it? Are you not feeling well? Is something wrong?
- Nothing… I’m just… tired! Yes, tired. I need to go to bed. Thanks for the sandwich!
- Thank you for helping me! I appreciate it!

Kaarna can’t believe this is happening. The dazzling Mari is at her home! Her voice sounds like little bells and her face iluminates the room.
- Can you hold my purse, please? This place looks really cozy. Such strong colors! Well, I wouldn’t choose these to my home, but still, very cozy. Sorry I came on such short notice, I hope it’s not too much trouble.
- … (Kaarna can’t remember any words.)

Kaarna tries to act normal.
- I made some tea… do you drink tea…? I don’t know and I don’t have anything else…I hardly ever have anything, I should’ve bought something… but only tea, herbal tea… do you like tea?
- I’m more of a coffee drinker actually.
- Oh no! I don’t even have a coffee machine!!! I have never learned to drink coffee… yes it’s weird but I can’t sleep if I drink coffee… no coffee at all… But I can go and borrow some from a neighbor!
- Tea is fine, don’t worry! It’s pretty cold in here, isn’t it?
- The house is a hundred years old, it’s always a bit chilly during cold weather. Especially the floors… I have warm socks… Here, put these on… not really your style? But they are warm... I’ll put more wood in the fireplace… just a moment… 
- Thanks!

That night Kaarna can’t sleep. There’s a rally track inside of her head. And the apartment is way too hot now after all that heating! She blames herself for acting like an imbecile.
- First I couldn’t open my mouth and then I kept blabbering like a maniac all night! She must think I’m horrible. I’ll never see her again.

Ken found out that he can do aquabic here also. It’s not as much fun as it was in the sunny Fuerteventura with a real coach, but the local swimming hall with a virtual coach is better than nothing!

One evening someone knocks on Kaarna’s door.

- Damn that Filia… she mumbles and opens the door.
But turns out it’s not Filia!

- Is it a bad time? Mari asks and looks Kaarna from head to toe:
- You look so cute in that onsie! I need one too…
Kaarna blushes, but manages to speak normally:
- Not a bad time at all. I was going through holiday photos and was just going to open a box of chocolate… come in!

Mari gets to see a photo of Kaarna vomiting in the hotel bathroom…
- What’s this horrible photo? She laughs.
- Ken thought it would be nice to have a photo of my most shameful moment! I’m going to order a giant print and frame it for him!

Mari giggles and accidentally drops the chocolate box on the floor.

- Sorry sorry sorry! But they are still edible!
- You think so? I never wash the floor! It really is filthy. We’ll both end up vomiting!
- Nonsense!

And then they eat chocolates with two hands and laugh hysterically.

Mari leans towards Kaarna and gently wipes her lips whispering in the softest voice:
- You have a little bit of chocolate there…
Kaarna gets all sweaty in half a second and then the blabbering begins again! While her mouth is forming meaningless words in high speed, she wonders:
- What the hell is wrong with me?! She’s flirting with me and I turn into a 12-year-old!!! I’ve never had problems with girls before!!! Normally I would just ask her to kiss the chocolate away and we’d be naked in no time! Goddamn it!

Ken glues the holiday photos on an album and is delighted to notice that Kaarna has ordered the vomiting photo in regular size instead of a framed poster like she threatened.

Yes, Ken still likes to have photos printed and placed in a big album like in the good old days. Especially now that his life is somewhat boring, he likes to go through the old albums and remember all the adventures he has once experienced.

If Ken really felt the spring was coming, the nature puts him on his knees now. The amount of snow that fell in one night is devastating. 

- Four more months… four more.

When Ken gets too tired, Kaarna continues. She’s got energy now. She doesn’t even notice the weight of snow when there’s only Mari in her thoughts.

Unbelievable!!! A sunny day! Ken is relieved. The grayness had already started to eat his soul. Ken is lucky, being his own boss. People who have a normal day job don’t even see the daylight, because the sun sets at 3 pm.

Ken is expecting a very special guest.
- I hope he likes salmon.

Here he is! Axu Duck! It’s been a year and a half since they last met. But still the friendship is the same as always.

(You can see Axu's adventures on @axuduck  )

Ken and Axu spend a wonderful evening together. Even if Axu's  IG account has been silent for quite a while, he has had many great adventures and journeys. It’s always great to hear about his trips. 

When he leaves, Ken’s cheeks hurt from all the laughs. And he’s too tired to even brush his teeth before going to bed. Such a happy reunion it was!

But Axu isn’t ready to bed yet. He checks out the local bar Mocambo and gets to know the regular customers. Let’s hope that eventually he will get home safely!
(Photo by @akiakilles )

Kaarna can’t understand why Mari still wants to visit her, but here she is again. She sits really close to Kaarna and asks:
- If I put my arm around you now, are you able to be quiet?
- You noticed the blabbering?
- Sure. And I know why you do it, too.

Kaarna manages to relax and hold Mari gently in her arms. She strokes Mari’s soft hair and the nervous butterflies in her stomach go away and give room to another feeling.

She wakes up in the morning crushed between the wall and Mari’s amazing butt. Mari has stolen both pillows and her hair is in Kaarna’s mouth. She snores a bit and Kaarna thinks it’s kind of cute. Kaarna has slept the whole night without waking up from nightmares even once. She can’t even remember when was the last time that happened. And she can’t remember the last time she felt this happy.

Kaarna tries to wake Mari up, but she mumbles that it’s too cold and doesn’t even open her eyes.
- It will get warmer soon, I already made the fire.

Kaarna tries again after a while but Mari turns her back and sounds annoyed:
- I’ll get up when I smell coffee!

Kaarna storms into Ken’s kitchen:
- Do you have coffee?!
- In the fridge, but it’s very old. Since when have you started to drink coffee?
- Um… since now…

- Okay… Hey, would you like to go to the movies tonight?
- Um… I don’t know, maybe not… Can I answer that later?

And then she rushes out of the door.

It’s nearly lunchtime when Mari finally gets up. Kaarna makes her toast, but she still seems annoyed and replies:
- No breakfast. Only coffee. Could you make another cup?

When Mari has finishes her second cup, Kaarna suggests going for a walk:
- It’s a beautiful weather out there and we still have two hours of daylight!
- No, I need to head home. It’s a busy week. But we can spend the weekend together!
And then she kisses Kaarna and leaves.

- Which movie are we going to watch? Kaarna asks after they have walked an hour to the movie theater.
- I told you before we left home!!! It’s called ”70 is just a number”. Didn’t you listen at all?
- What? Isn’t it for old people?
- It’s about an old woman and his young boyfriend.
- Gross. I hope it’s good.
- I need to see something that gives me hope.

It’s been a long week for Kaarna but finally Mari arrives. She twirls around and giggles:
- Look!!! I’m appropriately dressed! Onesie and woollen socks!

Kaarna laughs and says:
- Let’s see how fast we can get you out of that onesie!

Apparently Mari has missed Kaarna too. The cute new onesie reveals another new outfit. 

Mari looks unbelievably sexy in her lace underwear. They spend hours giving each other an orgasm after another. And Mari doesn’t even notice how cold the floor is!

It’s almost midnight, but Mari isn’t tired at all. She wants to watch a movie, but Kaarna can’t keep her eyes open anymore. They drag a mattress in front of the TV and Kaarna falls asleep in Mari’s arms.

In the morning Kaarna can’t wait for Mari to get up, so she gently kisses her face multiple times. But Mari yells:
- That’s annoying! Don’t touch me!!!!
Kaarna gets really scared and jumps away from her. 

She tries not to cry, but the voice inside of her head sings:
- She hates you… You’re disgusting… You’re not worth anything…

Ken is at the door.
- Hey, I’m going to help Lotta and Jussi with some decorations at the cafeteria. Would you like to join us?
- No!
- Kaarna? You look scared. What’s wrong?
- Nothing! I’m okay. I just don’t want to spend the day with your friends. You do know that I’m…
- … you’re uncomfortable with people you don’t know. Yes I know. I still wanted to ask. See you later then.

Mari crawls out of the bed and sips her coffee.
- Sorry. I’m really not a morning person. Please don’t ever talk to me or touch me before my second cup. 
- Okay… I’m sorry too. So morning sex is out of the question, then? Kaarna manages to smile a bit.

Besides that Mari is not a morning person she’s not an outdoor person either. They spend the whole weekend inside, but Kaarna can live with that. The weather sucks anyway! She wishes Mari could stay with her forever.