Pleasant days

 Back on the road again and spotting fun things along the way.

They find a beautiful secluded place to stay for these long-awaited precious warm days. Hiking, sunbathing, swimming and relaxing! No resposibilities of any kind.

Ken is puzzled:
- How is it possible that there aren’t any mosquitos in these southern parts of Finland? Nor those smaller bastards that terrorize Melukylä.

- We can actually spend time in forests here without getting eaten alive!

- It´s because this is Nyland, the brightest pearl in the crown of Finland, Kaarna says and starts to sing out of tune:
- Uuuuusmaaa Suuoomen kruunussa on he-elmi kirkkahin…

Ken has never enjoyed picking blueberries this much! The lack of mosquitoes is mindblowing!

Even dishwashing has become a pleasant task!
- Wow, great painting once again!
- Eh… I hate when you say that… I do need to hear good words, but still it makes me think that you are lying just to make me feel good.
Three days go by. The weather is hot and wonderful.
- Aren’t we the luckiest people now? We don’t have to be in any hot city, but we can enjoy this nice breeze. Ken sighs happily.
- When do you think we have to go back home?
- I don’t want to think about that. I’m an irresponsible and smelly hippie.
- Your armpit really does smell.

Another beautiful day on a countryside in the Southern Finland.
Kaarna says:
- I think I will move back here, to Nyland.
- What???!!!
Kaarna continues:
- My roots are here. I belong here with these muddy lakes, gigantic oak trees, ash trees and the rolling terrain. There’s nothing for me in Melukylä. Why should I return?
- You have me there, Ken says and feels hurt.
- You don’t need me, Ken! You have so many friends. Hector, Selma and Olga, Tupu, Lotta… and your family! Ritva and Veli!
Ken can’t answer anything. Kaarna is free to make her own choices.

Ken wants Kaarna to have something else to think about than moving, so he drives them to Raseborg. It’s one of the areas in Finland where the main language is Swedish. It’s just like being abroad!
- Tack o hej, Ken says every time he leaves a shop. And every single time it makes him giggle a bit.
Kaarna has a chance to visit the Helene Schjerfbeck museum. Schjerfbeck is the most famous Finnish female painter of all times. She created her own style which is totally unique and that’s why she’s Kaarna’s idol. For Kaarna her self portraits are The Thing. 
 On her way back Kaarna notices another type of art and she tries to prevent her eyes from rolling.
 She spreads three posters on the bed and tells Ken that she couldn’t decide and bought them all.
- I spent way too much money. The entrance fee alone was expensive, they didn’t have a discount for the unemployed people!
After four warm days the weather changes and Ken and Kaarna decide to drive to the west coast. That should be the sunniest part or the country.
- I’m so fed up with having freezing fingers and nose at breakfast, Kaarna complaints.
- No warm nights this summer for us apparently. It was 8 degrees Celsius last night. Unbelievable! In July! And the Southern and Middle Europe have been suffering of extreme heat wave and drought!
 - I´d better go for a walk to warm myself up.
- Ken! Look what I found on my depression walk! I didn’t have a bag so I carried them inside my hood!
- Wow! We’re having a gourmet lunch today! I think we even have some onions left.

The public saunas are a blessing for wandering smelly hippies. Ken and Kaarna don’t like wearing swimsuits in sauna but it’s a common habit in a unisex sauna like this one.
Race to the lake!  

The unlucky visit to Isabella von Hottendottir’s manor made Ken want to see more manors. He chooses  Louhisaari Castle, built about 1650, currently a museum.
And what a museum it is! Ken’s little plastic heart is doing cartwheels when he wanders around in the rooms.
And what is even more amazing is a doll size model of the castle! Ken’s head is spinning!
- Yes! Dolls’ houses outside on my own yard! I can make that happen! Maybe even a whole little village!
Kaarna doesn’t want to go to a crowded manor. She wants to spend the day in the nature and decides to walk a path called Culture trail.
The art she sees is mostly boring. This Shibari Rock looks nice though.
Ken stays in the manor all day. That gives Kaarna a chance to search for the rental apartments in Nyland without interruption.  
Kaarna and Ken visit an inspiring place called Mynä-Mynä-Maa. A former nursing home is now filled with art made by different kinds of people from pre school kids to professional artists. Every room is turned into an adventure. Ken suggests:
- Let’s pick our favorite rooms and then the other one has to guess it! The winner gets a shoulder massage.
Kaarna guesses:
- This must be your favorite. Pink, soft, cute, childish.
- Correct. Ok, my turn!
Ken leads Kaarna to a dark room and says:
- This dead granny must be your favourite!
- Yes! It is! It’s a tie then. No massages for anyone…
- On the contrary… massages for both of us!

- Omg Ken what are you wearing?!
- What?
- Socks in sandals!!!!! Only rednecks and grannies do that!
- It’s cold! I will take the pantyhose off when it’s warmer. Are you ashamed of me?
- Partly yes…

Rauma is a town where esthetics, traditional craftmanship, art and old houses are highly appreciated and the local dialect is proudly preserved.
I’m so glad I chose to wear the pantyhose today. This sea wind is harsh!
- I hate it. The wind. It makes my head go crazy. I’m irritated and anxious. Let’s go away.
- But we must swim in the sea!
- Did you see all the goose shit on the beach?

They drive along the coast and park Herbert somewhere in the silent countryside. The wind gives them a break for the night. This wonderful rocky seaside spot is a perfect place for a morning swim.
The next stop is called Taidetalo Pilvilinna in the coastal town of Uusikaupunki. It’s an amazing home and a garden covered with funny and imagenative naivistic art. Sadly photographing is forbidden. Ken and Kaarna can’t believe their eyes. Colorful paintings and statues are everywhere.

- This just might be the best ITE art place ever! Forbidding the photographing is such old fashioned thinking! They lose a huge amount of free advertising when people can’t post anything on social media! Kaarna sighs.