2015 - The spring days

Finally the snow starts to melt in Finland! Ken goes to the movies to watch Cinderella.

Ken was so touched by the movie that he wanted to be his own fairy godmother and created this gorgeous dress.

Ken (or Kenderella if you prefer) is happier than ever! Hector is now the Prince Charming that he's supposed to be! Raynold from Tampere sent him this amazing royal outfit.

All the boys are ready for the sun eclipse!

Ken feels it´s his duty to donate blood to Red Cross. His blood type is 0 negative. 

(In reality gay people are not allowed to donate blood, which I think is insane.)

Afterwards it´s important to take things slowly.

Hector´s got new wheels! He's very happy, but a bit afraid to show the car to Ken. That'll have to wait until tomorrow, because Ken is boycotting the April fool´s day and therefore hiding.

- Wake up honey! The April Fools Day is over and I've got something to show you!!!!

- Oh my goodness! Hector! What were you thinking?! I thought we agreed on a Jeep! What good does that tiny convertible do to us? It's not strong enough to pull the trailor house! 😳😫😭
- Stop moaning honey and get in!

- Hold on honey! Here we go!
- Stop honeying me! This is a stupid car. You do realize that we live in Finland!!!! We have winter almost all year round! You'll just have to sell this. I mean it.

It´s Easter time!
- Hey honey, where are my chocolate eggs?
- Oops....

Ken needs to buy more Easter eggs and he also picks up the new DerPuppe!

Ken and Hector are building bird houses. They have different opinions about the size of the hole.

Hector puts the bird houses up in the trees.

It´s the warmest day so far. Ken goes outside in the yard to read his new book.

Recycling is important.

The Finnish spring - right when you think that the summer is near, it gets cold and misty.

Ken wanted to show off his newsprint jacket so we walks to town to have a kebab dinner.

He has become quite handy with the tools.

It's the election day today. We are voting the members of the parliament.

Ken is voting for the Green Party and chooses a person with a sharp brain and a warm heart.

Time to take Dexter to Russia.

The first thing to do is change euros to rubles.

Dexter is walking around in the interesting city of Svetogorsk. He wants to buy some bathroom furniture, since they are a lot cheaper here than in Finland.

Ken finds some souvenirs.

Goodbye Lenin! Time to head home. Thank you Vyborg, next time we will stay longer! 

Hector and Ken got a new grill today! It´s a gift from a kind IG follower. Time to barbecue some sausages!

It´s bit too windy but they manage to light a fire.

Ken is helping out at Käsityökortteli crafts market in Helsinki, but don´t tell Mattel.

The boys think that it's about time to get this tiny house on the road. Hector has sold the convertible and bought a better car for the purpose.

All they'll have to do is to assemble the wheels to the car.

Un unknown Soldier and his loyal dog are enjoying the offroads and pass by the boys.

- I have no idea how to make this work, Hector says. 
But Ken really wants to take the mobile home to the beach. He's got an idea.

Ken stops the Unknown Soldier.
- Good afternoon sir. Would you consider renting me this car for a couple of days? he asks politely.
- Money talks and bullshit walks. How much do you have, fairy? the soldier says.

- It's a deal. The car is yours for two days. Return it clean and with a full tank. And for fuck's sake, man, put some trousers on!
- Thank you sir. I appreciate this.

Ken and Hector arrive at the shore of lake Immola.

They set up the camp and have some lunch. And of course argue about who gets to lay on the hammock.

The sun is so hot that it feels like summer! The boys take off their clothes and Ken says that he wants to do something fun.

Woooooohou! There's nothing like cruising on the beach!

Everything funny must come to an end eventually. After two wonderful days the short vacation is over and our boys must return the car and head home.

But the summer is beginning and a lot more adventures are right around the corner.