2015 - The summer days

How about some ice cream from our local Siwa?

The summer has officially started.

Ken loves the summer. More than anything.

But when it´s like this, he hates it.

Finally a warm day!!!! The boys will spend it on the sunny backyard of their log cabin.

Oh no! Some clouds are approaching and soon they block the sun.

Look at this, Hector! Luke from @onesixthavenue sent you some gifts!" 

"Cool! Same kind of shoes and shirt as Luke has! Do I look as handsome as he now?"
"No you don't but I love you more."
(The shirt is made by Miranda.)

Ken takes part on the Pride Parade in Helsinki.

He meets Axu the Duck for the first time but hopefully not the last.

(Make sure you follow Axu´s IG!)

Meanwhile at home Hector is having a private Pride party of his own.

Ken brings Hector a gift that makes him the happiest gay on Earth! It's a piece of art by Tom of Finland!

Ken wants to share this moment with all of you. It's 2:30 am and there is a beautiful full moon and a beautiful mist. Did you know that it really doesn't get dark in Finland in the night this time of the year?

The best of times!

Enjoying to the fullest.

The boys are just about to start enjoying their lunch when something approaches Ken!

A bee sized of a bird is really interested in Ken's floral dress.  Luckily Ken´s not afraid of any insects.

Happy birthday, Ken! 
(The rocking chair was made my husband.)

Good news. The boys are reading the morning paper and learn that Finland has granted an asylum for two Russian gay men because of the discrimination of homosexuals in Russia. 

It's July but only 12 degrees Celsius. The weather really seems to be broken in some way.

(This is supposed to be the hottest time of the year. I can make funny photos about this shittiest summer ever, but it is actually a serious matter. The depression caused by the dark, long winter is not healing.)

What a surprise... It's raining again.

What can you do? Stay inside and read DerPuppe magazines with your friends...

... or your favourite niece.

Ken takes Ritva to another Pride event of the summer. This one is small and a bit boring compared to the main Pride in Helsinki.

It´s Hector´s birthday.  Lotta has baked the cake.

Even the birdies and Pride parties can´t save Ken from depression. It´s time to face it: summer is cancelled. Just wake him up next spring.

"Get out of the bed, Ken. That is not good for you. You only have to bear one week of the rains and cold weather and then you and me are going to take a trip to a spa in Estonia!"

It will be August in a few hours. Soon it's winter again. Ken wants to be like a bird and fly to the South when autumn comes.

Estonia is only two steps more south than Finland, but a spa sounds really tempting with its hot pools and massages. 

They take a ferry from Helsinki to Tallinn, Estonia.
- I'm the king of the world!

Ken and Hector arrived in the spa in Haapsalu. "Now this is all about relaxing! And what a sunny day too!"

Ken starts the new day with yoga exercises at the beach. Wow, what a warm and sunny day this is going to be!

Hector: Nice bikini... Where's your bottom piece? This is not a nudist camp!
Ken: I borrowed it to Dexter and I haven't seen it since.

Good thing they are the only ones at the pool.

This small town of Haapsalu definitely the most beautiful town Ken has ever visited. 

Enjoying the many services of the hotel.

They don't let Ken enter to the indoor pool area because of his bottomless swimsuit. Hector has to swim alone. 

Some massage theraphy for Ken. No underpants needed here!

The boys are going to be soooooo fat after this vacation. There´s a buffet table three times a day. 

This is a traditional, hand knitted woolen lace scarf of Haapsalu. Ken is so happy to find some of them in his size!

Time to get a foot massage. Feels so good after all the walking in town.

The boys are fooling around at the beach! It's +25°C / 77°F and the sky is bright blue! A perfect summer day! Ken is so thankful to Hector for making this trip to happen.

Rubbing salt on your body in sauna makes your skin especially soft!

It´s the last day and Ken is feeling sad. He really doesn't want to leave. 
- I am so happy here! Don't make me go back home. Please, Hector, pretty please! Ken whines.
- Stop crying! You should concentrate on this moment and enjoy the last evening! Hector says.

They spend the last evening dancing a walz (watch it on IG) before they go to bed.

Luckily something fun is happening back home too. A national costume picnic!

So many beautiful dresses.

And the summer finally finally starts when the holiday season ends and the kids go back to school. Ken is one of the lucky ones who can enjoy the hot sunny days now. 

Ken even has a chance to sail on a friend´s boat.
- Aye aye captain!

But very soon the world around them turned yellow.

To make life funnier, Ken tries to be a Madonna for a day.

Ken bets Madonna doesn't´t let the weather spoil her days.