2015 - The festive days

- Snowboarding? You can't be serious! This is not even real snow yet! And where did you get that warm jacket?
- Veikka Gustafsson gave it to me, since you still haven't even started to sew my slalom outfit!
- Be careful with that snowboard now! You know how you keep loosing that head of yours... or breaking a leg!

Luckily no accidents this time. But since Hector is very into his new hobby now, Ken can concentrate on planning his holiday in Malta.

What to pack?! Which hotel to choose? What will the weather be like? What to buy from the Playmobil factory?! 

The factory visit has to be booked in advance online.

Ken is packing. Still a few more nights before the holiday starts! He can't wait! If he was a religious person, he would pray for sunshine. But since he isn't, he is just hoping for the best.

In the morning of his holiday, Ken makes smoothies for breakfast. Some yogurt, strawberries and bananas... very healthy.

Ready to go!

Ken spends the night at the airport hotel, because the flight takes off really early in the morning. The hotel is full of dogs because of some dog show happening in town tomorrow. Ken hears barking all the time. Luckily he brought a pair of ear plugs with him.

At the Helsinki-Vantaa airport Ken is wondering where the check-in is.

Ready to fly away! So long heavy rains and dark clouds!

And hello sunshine! After a few hours of flying Ken arrives to Malta.

Ken falls in love with this island instantly. The sea, the sun, the shells, the fruit, the flower!

- Wow! Look at the beauty of this rock! It's huge! It's incredible! It's unbelievable! It's perfect! It´s the Azure Window!

The Playmobil factory visit is interesting but not as thrilling as Ken had expected.

The best part of Malta is definitely the nature.

Minor trouble in packing. All the Playmobil toys just don't fit in the backbag.

Goodbye Malta! Thank you for your hospitality and kindness! And for the sun!

Ken is at home again! The boys have missed each other a lot! 

Here comes the Christmas tree!

They decorate the tree together, but they are disagreeing about the ornaments. Ken doesn't´t want anything but the lights.

Decorating the home.

Before going to bed Ken usually writes his diary.

Ken's diary is handmade by @tiinatupuna. Onesixthscale bookbinding. I think that's awesome.

- Have you been gaining weight, Ken?

- No. It fits!

Hector and Ken enjoy the atmosphere that the Christmas tree creates.

What a nice surprise, Ritva and Ulla came to visit!

Hector gives Christmas presents to both girls.
- But you must not open them before Christmas Eve!

The girl brought a big basket full of home made goodies for their uncles. Hector sets the table and makes hot chocolate for everyone.

It´s Christmas Eve and the boys are opening their presents. Look what Hector got this year! A very realistic miniature bus that Ken brought from Malta.

Hector gives Ken a really hot dress.

There was another package for Ken too! This beautiful set of porcelain dishes means that Ken must build another shelf in his kitchen.