2016 - Winter fun

It's so cold that the air hurts Ken's face! But he is still very happy! Never mind the freeze, because we have sun!

When it gets this cold, keeping the house warm can be almost a full time job!

The beauty of winter!

Pushing the snow back and forth is a great excercise!

Hector and Ken are somewhat worried about the rise of the neo-nazis in Finland and the rest of the Europe. Reading newspapers can be very sad these days.

- Come on Hector, hurry up, sauna is all hot and ready!

Problems with the sauna vocabulary... Hector is getting löylyvesi which means the water that they will throw on the kiuas which means the fireplace in sauna.

Now this is life! Finally the boys have a #sauna of their own!

If you are not lucky enough to have a lakeside sauna, you can jump into the snow instead of water. And make nude snow angels. The combination of the freezing cold snow and the hot sauna is the most relaxing thing Ken and Hector can think of.

Ken is beating... whipping... Hector's back with #vihta. I can't figure out a correct verb for this, but vihta is made of birch twigs during the summer and dried up. Some people say #vihta and some say #vasta. Ken prefers vihta. It's an endless battle really.

Relaxing. It's important to drink water when spending a lot of time in sauna. Actually most people drink beer, but that might cause dehydration.

Ken and Hector take their nieces outside to play in the snow. Ulla wants to learn snowboarding, so Hector gives her good tips.
- Off you go, Ulla! Have no fear!
- OMG Hector, I'm not a baby! LOL

Ken and Ritva come down the hill riding the sledge.

Going to the movies.

Ken can't stop crying after seeing the Danish Girl.

- Get up and take your pants off Hector! The postman just brought us a package from our friend @clintthetroll

 Hurry up! I can't wait to see you in these long johns that Clint made for you!

Wow, looking great!

Hector recently bought some new sporting gears! But now he needs skates. 

A selfie with a snowman!

Lotta and Jussi admire the big house that Ken and Hector live in these days.
-Actually we have been thinking of selling this place. Taking care of such a big old house is a lot of work, Ken says.
- But you two are young and energetic... Hector adds.

In reality Ken just wants to renovate and decorate some new place. He´s got an addiction for that.

He is really into retro style these days.

Some details.

The boys really like their new smaller home.

Ken and Hector are watching a documentary about Donald Trump. They are amazed to see that so many Americans seem to love that moron.
- This worries me. How can anyone vote him? Listen to him... All that shit about immigrants and muslims. He can't be elected, can he? Ken asks.
- I hope not. But look what happened here in Finland. The voters fell for Perussuomalaiset also. He is just like them. Only a million times more powerful if he is going to be the president.
- I miss Obama so much already!

When you are having ice cream in bed, even the bad news on tv don't seem so bad.

Also getting new dolls helps.

Ken is going to Svetogorsk. Even if he can't afford buying toys right now, he happens to have plenty of rubles. So it's time to go to Russia!
- Are you sure that outfit is the best choice to wear in Russia? You have a gay matryoshka on your shirt and you are wearing a dress. Don't you think that's a bit provocative?
- Yes. It's my silent protest against the Russian gay propaganda laws! Go gays! 
- Make sure the police won't notice you then or you will end up in Siberia!

Ken is surprised to see how many people have gathered in the center of Svetogorsk. A guy named Dimitri tells him that they are celebrating the spring and saying goodbye to the winter! So there is entertainment for the kids and families in the park.

Oh no, oh no, oh no!!! That's a police car! Ken runs quickly away from the children! (Yes. Russian police cars really look like that.)

The next week everybody is gathering together to celebrate Veli and Kultu´s wedding. If you want to know more about the funny drama that surrounds these people, check dollsoapie.blogspot.com.

Sun is shining! The light hurts Ken's eyes and he loves it! The Russians were right: the spring is here!