2017 - The childhood

Let´s take a time hop back to the late 70s when Ken was a kid.

Remember the 70s? When girls didn't have to wear pink and boys had a long hair?

Ken learned to read with the help of Donald Duck when he was 5 years old.

The best part of the day was when Papi came home from work.

He made whistles of a willow tree every spring.

Ken didn't have too many toys and his favorite ones were made of wood by Papi.

Papi watched the scary parts of movies and TV programs with Ken He explained how the scenes were made and that they weren't real.

But back in the good old days people didn't watch TV like they do nowadays. In Finland we only had two TV channels: TV1 and TV2.

Ken was three years old when Veli was born. All the baby did was cry, eat, sleep and poop. What's the fun about that?!

Unemployment rate was low and like all the other fathers, Papi was the provider of the family. - Bye bye Papi! Drive carefully!

Ken's mother was a house wife like so many other women at that time.
- Play with me, mom!
- Not now, Ken. Go play with Veli. I'm making dinner! Papi will be home soon.

- Read me a story, mom!
- Not now, Ken. Can't you see I'm feeding Veli? Go play outside so Veli can take a nap.

Dinner was served at 5 pm every day except for the weekends. On Saturdays and Sundays it was already at 3 o'clock. Meatballs with mashed potatoes was everyone's favorite. And milk to go with that of course.

Ken loved the quiet moments on the sofa after dinner when Papi was reading his newspaper and Ken was "reading" Donald Duck comics for Veli.

Some evenings the whole family gathered to watch slides or movies that Papi projected onto a white screen on the wall.

One of Ken's best Christmas memories is going to the woods with Papi and cutting down the Christmas tree. That usually happened the day before Christmas Eve. And usually there was a lot of snow. Black Christmases were much more rare than nowadays.

Ken´s mother used to say:
- The elves are always peeking behind the windows. If you don't behave like a nice boy, they will run to Korvatunturi and tell Santa that you don't deserve any Christmas presents.

Ken still has the traditional Christmas decoration "olkipukki" from his childhood days.

- Go on Ken! Go sit on Santa’s lap and Papi will take a picture. Don’t you want your presents?
- Mom...
- Then hurry up and go to Santa. And sing him that song too! 🎶 Joulupukkii, joulupukkii, valkoparta, vanha ukki.... 

Thank you for joining this little nostalgic trip to the 70s. I hope you liked it!