2018 - The happiest times

- Guess what, Hector! I just ordered you an articulated body on eBay!
- What?!?! Why? What’s wrong with my body?
- You’re too stiff. Look. You’ll be able to sit and ice skate and everything!
- The skin tone won’t match with my reddish 90s face. 
- So what. You always wear clothes anyway.
- It’s Chinese, isn’t it? If it’s bad quality I won’t accept it!

When Hector´s new body arrives and he undergoes the painful body swap surgery, the result is no very good-looking. The skin tone is a disaster!

Even though the new body is cheap and bad quality, Hector soon starts to understand its benefits.
- I can even dance ballet!

- I had never realized how comfy this sofa can be!

- Hector, where’s your new body?
- I left it in a salon to get an airbrush tan.
- I’m nervous. Is the cosmetologist a professional?
- No. She’s never done it before. But she’s cheap.

A few days later Hector´s body is fully painted and dried.
- Yayyyyyy! Your cosmetologist wasn’t as bad as I thought! You look very natural now.

It’s a bit too cold for biking but when you are able to reach the handlebar for the first time in your life you really don’t mind the weather.

Possu is happy with Hector’s new arms and orange hands.

Hector can’t wait for the spring now that he can ride his Vespa properly!

Doing the dishes is a pleasure when you have elbows and wrists!

- Ha! Somebody should do something about these guitar strings now that I can actually play!

Ken is very pleased with the new improved Hector:
- You can even keep us both standing up!
- Don’t you feel bad about me being shorter than before?
- Not at all. You still have a big heart. That’s the only size that matters to me.

t’s -23*C (-9*F) but feels a lot colder with the wind blowing all the way from Siberia.

Ken doesn’t have anything against the freezing weather as long as the sky is blue and nothing falls down from there. The sun makes his soul happy.

Everyone seems to be moving on to Vero. Ken tried to, but that app simply doesn’t work, so he’s staying here on Instagram despite of the annoying ads and hopeless algorithm.

Let’s play some hockey!

Unfortunately Hector has to play alone. Ken doesn’t have skates and he dislikes hockey anyway.

- I need to get pom poms and be your personal cheerleader, Ken says.

The boys are happier than ever.

The weather forecast says this is the last cold and sunny winter day before the depressing autumnly weather strikes again. Ken prepares packed lunch and heads out.

As you know Ken fell in love with the deserts of Fuerteventura. But on a day like this the frozen lakes of Finland are almost as good! The silence, the sun, the vast emptiness, the peace.

A typical and also the most boring geocache in Finland is a tube hanging on a tree. Ken found two of those in the small islands of the lake Saimaa.

Hot cocoa, sandwiches and bananas. And a lot of chocolate for dessert. Perfect.

Ken went to the movies to see The Shape Of Water. Such a powerful, beautiful movie.