2018 - More guests

- Hector!!! We must buy a coffee table! Right now! Hurry up!
- Okay, but first you sit down, eat your lunch, then you take a shower and change your smelly clothes. Then we can go to a furniture store.

Hector has bought a new wedding ring to Ken because he lost his own ring in Fuerteventura.
- Here, it’s just the same kind as the original one. I don’t want you running around here without a ring when that gorgeous and hot and super sexy love machine Blaine arrives. And by the way, you have done a great job with the renovation. The kitchen and the living room look really nice. But go on, wash up and get dressed. You really do smell. We’ll find you a nice coffee table.
- I love you, Hector.

- Email from Blaine... He says that Javier would like to do all kinds of snow activities if that’s not too much trouble for us.
- Good. We’ll keep them busy. Blaine won’t have enough spare time to seduce you.
- Hector!!!! He’s got a fiancé now. He’s not interested in me! They are already on their way and their train arrives at our little Immola station tomorrow at 10 a.m.
- Tell them to wear extra warm clothes.

It’s a beautiful winter morning when the boys are heading to the train station.
- Hurry up, Hector! We are late! It’s so embarrassing to let them wait there!

- There’s Javier!
- Oh my lord, what is he wearing?!
- Something warm obviously.
- He looks like a love child of a geisha and Santa Claus!
- Hector!!! I know you hate them already but please behave!
- Are YOU telling ME to behave?

Plenty of awkward Spanish style kisses on the cheeks...
- Holá Javier! Bienvenido a Finlandia. Pero.... dondé está Blaine?!  Where is Blaine?!

- I’m right behind you, Ken.
A deep voice whispers in Ken’s ear and sends a million shivers down his spine!

The cold air makes Blaine’s eyes water a bit, but it doesn’t take away his charm. The calm green eyes look deep into Ken’s eyes, so deep that he can feel them all the way below his waist... Those full lips, smiling just slightly, are made to kiss. Blaine is the sun, the ocean, the sky. He carries freedom with him and lights up Ken’s soul.

Ken and Hector have prepared lunch for their guests.
- Eat up, everyone. After lunch it’s time for the outdoor activities, Hector says.
- Thank you, Hector. This looks really delicious. And so do you Ken... that outfit is very pretty, says Blaine.
- Ummm... thanks... Bread, anyone? Ken asks quickly and he doesn’t have the courage to look at Hector.

After lunch they all go out together and Javier is thrilled. He starts making snow angels and laughs from the bottom of his heart. That makes everybody joyful and Ken thinks: “He’s young, funny, full of energy. No wonder Blaine loves him.”

- You are lucky. Today the Finnish winter is giving you its best. What would you like to do, Javier? Kicksledging maybe? 
Hector smiles and thinks that as long as he can keep everyone busy playing in the snow, it’s all good.

Javier has never heard of a kicksled before but he quickly understands the idea and enjoys the speed. - Vamos!

Ken teaches Javier to ski. Blaine has skid before so he skips the lesson and enjoys the show with Hector. Skiing is not easy for a first timer, but Javier doesn’t mind! He just gets up laughing and tries again.

Javier loves soccer. Apparently he also loves soccer in snow. Hector and Javier don’t share a language but they use signs and get along nicely. Blaine translates when necessary.

In the evening they sit by a fire and eat grilled sausages. For a Spanish person Finnish sausages seem weird, sloppy and floury. For dessert they have hot chocolate, and for a Spanish person it’s weirdly thin. After spending the whole day out in the cold everybody’s tired and ready to bed.

Ken is feeling guilty, because of Blaine’s presence:
- I’m sorry you have to go through this, Hector. 
But Hector replies:
- I know he is the first man you’ve ever been with. That’s a strong bond that never goes away. Don’t think I haven’t noticed how you two look at each other! But it’s okay, if it stays on a level of flirting and doesn’t go any further! He is beautiful and he represents freedom and adventure, so I can see why the wild little Ken inside of you is drawn to him.
- You are amazing Hector. You always understand me better than anybody! How about Javier? Do you like him?
- He’s a lovely boy. So full of positive energy! Laughing all the time! Thanks to him I think we all will have a fun time during their visit.

In the morning Hector wakes up and checks on Blaine and Javier. They are still fast asleep. The duvet has slided off revealing the famous butt. Hector thinks that Ken doesn’t need to see this and starts casually banging pots and pans in the kitchen to accidentally wake up the guests.

Hector and Javier are driving around on the four wheeler. Blaine turns to Ken and asks:
- Why so serious? What’s on your mind?
- Nothing... I’m just cold.
- So what! Who cares! Enjoy the moment Ken! I’m freezing my ass off too, but...
(- Your gorgeous perfect sexy hot amazing beautiful tight ass... Ken thinks.)

- I’ll warm you up! Blaine laughs and suddenly pushes Ken over. He falls down in the snow.

So, Ken gets all snowy in the ground. Blaine kneels down and gently kisses the snow off Ken’s face.
What do you think, is Ken still cold?

Hector didn’t see the kiss. He’s showing Javier how to heat the sauna. Foreigners who visit a Finnish family, can’t avoid going to sauna!

All the boys squeeze in on the top bench.

Ken and Hector are sorry for not being able to offer a hole in the ice experience to their guests. But there’s another option for cooling off.

- Oh you crazy Finns, Blaine laughs and jumps in after Javier.

Everybody gathers together in the living room to chill and have some pancakes with cream and strawberries.

- You too, guys! Come here and grab your plates!
- Coming!

It’s midnight. Ken can’t sleep. He’s got so many things on his mind.

Ken comes into the kitchen and sees Blaine there.
- Blaine, what are you doing up at this hour?
- Can’t sleep. Javier snores.
- I can hear that, hahaha. He sounds like a chainsaw. I couldn’t sleep either, because my head is spinning. I’m going to make some herbal tea, would you like to have some?

Ken sits down and Blaine puts a shawl on his shoulders.
- Next time you come to Fuerteventura you’d better inform me beforehand, Blaine says.
- To tell you the truth, at first I didn’t even want to meet you there, because I thought I might not be able to control my lust. But then...
- Ken, you shouldn’t even try to control it! Don’t refrain!

Blaine puts his hand on Ken’s thigh and it gets really hot under his shawl:
- Blaine! I’m married and you will be too!
- Me? Married? Haha! Never!
- But Javier said you are his “novio”.
- Boyfriend. We have an open relationship, we can date other people. 
- But you live together?
- No we don’t. Javier lives with his parents. He sometimes spends nights at my place, of course. He’s got the key, he comes and goes as he pleases.
- Open relationship. Doesn’t either of you get jealous?
- No. I don’t own him, he doesn’t own me. We just enjoy this one and only life we have. Do you think you could consider something like that?

Ken and Blaine stay up for hours. Don’t we all know what it’s like, when you are talking about your deepest feelings and you are dead tired and very emotional. It’s just you and him, the chemistry between you two is real and the rest of world seems to be so so so far away and so very meaningless...

It’s almost 5 a.m. when Ken kisses Blaine and says quietly: 
- I think you will always be my biggest temptation. Years ago you helped me accept myself. I love the passion between us. I adore you, Blaine, and I always will, but I plan to grow old with Hector. I belong here with him in a plain old monogamous marriage. Sometimes it’s boring and ordinary but it’s also something too valuable to throw away. Good night, my gorgeous Blaine.
- I can respect that. I hope you’ll sleep well, babe. See you in the morning.

Ken tries to sneak back into the bed but Hector is awake.
- Have you been up all night?
- Yes.
- With Blaine?
- Yes. 
- And...?
- We talked everything through. Don’t worry. 
- Ok. Come to bed. You still can sleep a couple of hours until we need to get up.
- Hector... would you like the idea of an open relationship?
- Hahaha! Is that what he suggested to you? You know the answer: not in a million years!
- I thought so. 

Hector and Ken are walking Blaine and Javier to the train station. The foreigners have enjoyed the visit very much but since there hasn’t been any sunshine for days they are feeling homesick.

Blaine and Javier have stepped on the train. Ken waves goodbye and Hector says:
- It was actually quite fun having them here, but still I have to say that I’m pretty darn happy about that mop head leaving.

- What are you doing, Ken? Isn´t that the map of Fuerteventura?
- I’m marking the places I’ve visited on this map and planning my next holiday. I think I will try to find a cheap hotel in the southern part of the island.
- And Blaine lives...?
- In the north.