2020 - The new beginning

To have a floor under your feet...

... and a roof over your head is a decent start for a new life. 

Oh yes, it´s true: Ken has returned to Finland! 

He bought a small apartment and is now renovating it. The previous owners of the house have left all kinds of useful tools and stuff in the garage. Ken hopes to find some paint for the walls... preferably something else than spray paint.

He finds purple paint for the bedroom and yellow for the kitchen. 

- It might be that I own too much stuff, Ken thinks while he’s going through his toys, craft supplies and souvenirs and trying to fit everything into his small new home.

It´s important not to wear yourself out, so every once in a while he takes a little break from all the renovation and organizing.

Apparently there has been no winter at all in most parts of Finland this year. Still, the north wind is freezing Ken’s brain!

During his adventures in Spain Ken has learned to appreciate even more the magnificence of Finland: the forests and the lakes.

Ken is making plans for the kitchen. He wants open shelves instead of the top cabinets.

Ken knows that his woodworking skills are rusty so he calls a professional. Reiska can build anything.
- Yes, open shelves... light and simple... the top cabinets look so heavy... and I want real wood, nothing artificial... I want to get rid of the plastic red cabinets chosen by the previous owners... Tomorrow already? So great! Thank you Reiska, you’re the best!

Ken feels like he’s on Reiska’s way, but Reiska says that he could use his help.

After the kitchen is totally renovated, Reiska and Ken have a lot to catch up and time flies while they’re talking. Finally a message from the local bar owner interrupts them: Muija is ready to be picked up.
- Some things never change...

Ken couldn’t find an orange rag rug in the stores, so he’s learning to weave it himself.

He´s really pleased with the new rugs. Plus the weaving was a lot of fun!

This place is starting to feel like a home.

Ken also really likes his new neighbourhood. It’s full of beautiful and colorful old houses. Unfortunately he hasn’t gotten to know any of the neighbours.

One day at the parking lot of a supermarket Ken spots a familiar face.

- Hey Muija! Nice to see you! Oh wow... you sure have a lot of booze in there. Are you sure that’s enough?
- No, it’s not! The end of the world is here! But I couldn’t afford more. Can you give me a ride home on your scooter? I can barely stay on my feet.
- Sorry, I only have one helmet. But let’s see...

- Hang on to your precious bottles! We’ll be at your home in no time at all.

Clearly Ken overestimated the warmth of the sun and now he’s freezing. It’s not spring yet after all! Better take that scooter back to the garage!

While unpacking the groceries Ken thinks that it actually feels quite nice to be in Finland again and to see some old friends.

Ken has missed Ritva terribly and is now more than happy, when she comes to visit him.

A delicious sundae makes it a bit easier to constantly lose in Scrabble.

Anxiously waiting for the summer.

But this is the Finnish spring as we know it. 

You just have to make the best of it.

What a beautiful morning! Ken thinks about spending the whole day out in the nature.

A blanket and a picnic basket... car keys in the pocket. Ready to go!

Food always tastes the best when you’re eating out in the nature. But still, it would taste even better if Ken had some company. He feels lonely.

In the evening Ken calls Blaine. But unfortunately Blaine is high on drugs, as he very often is these days, so the video call only makes Ken angry and sad. Such a waste of a good man!

Yes, there had to be a reason why Ken returned to Finland after almost two years in his beloved Spain. But with Blaine´s addiction and the corona virus making the world insane, he decided it would be best to live in his home land.