2020 - Roadtripping continues

- Why are you always wearing shoes, Kaarna? It’s so hot today!
- I hate my feet. They are ridiculously small. If I wear big shoes, they seem to be normal size.

- I think your feet are cute. There’s no reason to hide them! Let the sun shine on them!
- Oh, shut up, and have some chocolate! Here’s your half.

Finally Ken has the courage to start the swimming season.

Warming up after swimming.

When roadtripping in Finland, the best choice is always to stay away from the motorways.
That way you can find the isolated lakes and swimming beaches, the friendly villages and the true beauty of this country. If you’re lucky you might even spot a moose or a hedgehog or some other wild animals.

- Strike the pose, Ken!

- Oh Ken, I’m so jealous of your hair. It’s so thick and I am half bald.

- What’s the point with picking flowers, when we live in a tent and can’t put them in a vase?
- We can put them in water bottles and place them on the mug holders of the car.

- This one is especially beautiful. Just like you, Ken.

Since both Ken and Kaarna love beautiful traditional architecture, they visit the house of Bomba. It’s a replica of a Carelian building from the 19th century.

- I wish I could live in a house like this some day, Kaarna thinks.

In the evenings Ken and Kaarna talk about their lives and history. When Ken asks about Kaarna’s past relationship, she tells:
- I cheated on my girlfriend. I don’t know why I did that... it’s scary to realize that I’m capable of hurting someone I love that much. She has forgiven me, we are still friends... but I don’t think I can ever forgive myself. 

- Maybe you learned a lesson? You won’t do that again? Ken wonders.
- I can’t trust myself anymore. If I did it once, I can do it twice. That scares me.

Pizza Friday and the Midsummer Eve.

- Pepperoni, my favorite!
- Mine too!

Even though they have lived in Finland their whole lives, they can’t get used to the sunny summer nights. It’s weird going to bed when the sun is still up.

Ken takes Kaarna to his favorite magical place.

 - This is Parikkalan Patsaspuisto with its 560 statues and a garden. One man’s life work. You must see this in the dark some day, when there’s no other people around and no cars roaring on the road, then it’s even more magnificent, Ken explains.

They buy art prints to support the maintainance of the statue park.

Perfect light in the evening. Kaarna loves to take photos of beautiful things.

- You’re always behind the camera, Kaarna. Let’s take a photo of you now!

- No!!!!! No photos!!!! Stop it, Kaarna yells suddenly and Ken gets really confused.
- Why? What’s wrong? he asks.

Kaarna bursts into tears and tries to run away, but Ken can easily catch her.
- What did I do? I’m sorry! I don’t understand, tell me what’s wrong!
- I’m so ugly... I look horrible... huge forehead... weird head shape... so ugly that everyone throws up when they have to look at me... Kaarna mumbles and tries to stop crying.

- You are not ugly. You are beautiful and especially when you smile.
- You’re just saying that to make me feel better.
- Yes, but it’s also the truth. Wipe away the tears. I’ve got a new toy and I think you might like it too.

This has been the hottest and sunniest June ever. The wild campers Ken and Kaarna feel blessed, but they know that unfortunately for some people this wonderful heat is way too much.

According to the weather forecast this is the end of the unusually long heat wave. Camping won’t be at all as nice after this. It’s time to end the roadtrip. Ken asks Kaarna:
- Should I take you back to your commune?
- Oh no... I don’t ever want to return to that place. I’ll just rent an apartment somewhere on this Lake Saimaa area. You can leave me to the nearest town.
- The nearest town is my home town, Ken whispers and smiles.