2020 - The rainy days

Ken takes Kaarna to his home.
- Let’s eat something first, I’m starving.
- Oh Ken, I love your home. These colors are wonderful. Could you show me the other rooms too?
- One other room. This is a tiny little home. A lot smaller than the one I used to live in with Hector.

- What happened to your big house then? Does Hector still live there?
- No, we sold it. Hector now lives in Lapland, where the winters are still real winters. He loves snow.
- Does he live with that Santtu dude?
- I don’t know and I’m not ready to know either. The healing process is not finished yet.

Kaarna is excited about all the stuff at Ken’s home. 
- This doll house is so cute. I can’t wait to see it when you have refurbished it. And wow, all these Barbies too! I had that one when I was a kid!!!

Ken is very pleased to have a guest who’s interested in his souveniers from different countries.
- I found this bone in a desert in Fuerteventura. Like those hollow rocks on the top shelf also! And look here, this is a lava stone from Tenerife and this sand is from...

Ken shows Kaarna his favourite souvenir.
- I bought this Fabergé egg in St. Petersburg.
- Do you have any travelling plans now?
- No, sadly not. I spent all my money on this apartment, so I’m stucked in Finland for now.
- Well, roadtripping and camping is fun too!

In the evening they search for the rental apartments.
- We must check the local newspaper too. Old people are often renting apartments, but they don’t put them online, Ken says.
- Ken, where’s your bathroom? I really need to poop!
- Oh sorry, I forgot to show it to you. It’s outside... just go around the house and you can’t miss it!

- So cozy, so simple.

The next morning Ken prepares the porridge and wakes Kaarna up:
- Good morning sunshine! Breakfast in bed!

Kaarna shows an ad on the paper:
- Look at this Ken... A studio apartment, free from today, rent only 350 euros per month. I can afford this. Plus it’s furnished, which is good, since I have given away all my furniture.
- That area is cheap for a reason, I’m not sure you’d enjoy living there, Ken tries to warn her, but she gets annoyed:
- I don’t have much options, do I!!! If I have to live on social benefits, this is what I’m forced to settle for!!!
- Ok... don’t be angry with me... you can find a nicer place when you get a job, I’m sure, Ken says.

Luckily the rain stops, when Kaarna arrives to check the rental flat.
- This area doesn’t look that bad at all. They even have a swing on the yard.

Mr. Laine seems to be very proud of the apartment:
- Fully equipped kitchen with all the pots and pans you can hope for! All you have to do is start cooking, Miss! The wallpapering on this side is brand new, my nephew did the work. On the other side you have some art to admire, and there are all the sky channels on the TV. And the bed is made of pallets, it’s very trendy amongst the young people like yourself, Miss!

So it happens that Kaarna rents this apartment that makes her eyes bleed. It’s furnished with left over furniture and vacation souvenirs. Nothing goes together and nothing looks nice, but there’s everything you need to start a new life with no money or belongings.

It’s pouring rain, when Ken and Kaarna take her stuff to her new apartment.
- I’m so fed up with the rain! If the weather ever gets better, we’ll go roadtripping again! Ken says while running to the car.
- Well, it won’t! Have you checked the weather forecast? At least the next 10 days will be the same.

Ken takes off his wet coat.
- Wow, this really is a mix and match gone horribly wrong. Too bad we can’t do anything with the walls, but maybe you can play with textiles and make this place tolerable!

Ken hates to leave Kaarna in this hideous flat, but he tries to see the positive sides. Kaarna on the other hand doesn’t bother faking:
- This is a horrible shithole and I hate it already. But I think I might survive until I get a job and start earning some money. I even survived the cult, didn’t I?

Back home Ken feels empty. He has spent many weeks with Kaarna day and night. The loneliness doesn’t feel too good. And that goddamn rain has been going on for a whole week already.

Rainy day super fun activity: organizing buttons...

Kaarna can hardly get out of bed. 
- What the hell was I thinking? I’ll never get a job, I can’t do anything... I’m just a piece of shit. I have no talents... And I don’t even want to work... I should have gone back to the commune. Moving here was a mistake.

- What’s wrong with me? I’m not a passive person, yet I feel like doing nothing. Everything feels meaningless.

When Kaarna told a friend that she’s feeling more blue than she normally does, that friend immediately sent her a survival kit. But what’s inside of the package?

Five seasons of The Golden Girls! That’s what was in the package! And the card attached said: “The Golden Girls have helped me through some hard times. I’m sure they can do it for you too. But stay away from the cheesecake!”

Ken enjoys this sunny evening after a thunder.

A clear moment between the thunderstorms. Ken parks his moped on the river shore.
- I haven’t heard of Kaarna since she moved in to that horrible place. Tomorrow I’ll visit her.

Ken is soaking wet when he steps into Lotta’s cafeteria.

He buys a jar of honey from the local producers and a bag of Lotta’s special chocolate chili tea, because he wants to take something for Kaarna as a housewarming gift.

Ken finds Kaarna in bed watching the Golden Girls. The apartment is a mess.

He askes Kaarna, if she would let him do a home makeover with a minimum budget for her.
- Sure you can, if you want to, she replies.
- Is there anything here at the moment that you actually like?
- I like this table, and that icon on the wall.
- Red and green... okay. I’ll be back tomorrow, but you will have to help me clean up first.

Ken doesn’t waste time. He loves home makeovers, and is thrilled to see what he can do with zero euros. Luckily he has hoarded plenty of fabrics and crafting supplies.

- Some pots and paints...

Surprisingly it’s not raining today! Ken borrows his scooter to Kaarna so that she can find something nice to do while he makes the home makeover happen.

Ken hates the romantic wallpaper just as much as Kaarna does, but there’s nothing he can do about it.

Ken has done all he can. The flat is still too depressing, but Ken hopes that Kaarna will at least like the red and green colors.

When Kaarna arrives, the first thing she notices, is a huge map of Europe on the wall.
- It covers almost the entire hideous wallpaper! I can mark all the places I have travelled in! Where did you get this? 
- You know how they close down all the small village schools these days? I always check the dumpsters of the dying schools.

- So many plants though... Ken, these cactuses will be dead in a week. I’m horrible with plants.
- I thought you might be. They are not real, I made them. 
- Ha! Good thinking, Ken! In that case I love all of them.

- And heart-shaped plates! How cute! Thank you, Ken. For everything.
- You’re welcome. Can we watch a few episodes of the Golden Girls after this?