2020 - Doesn't anything help?

It´s finally a sunny day and Ken and Kaarna are searching for a perfect spot for a picnic. They both need some cheering up after all the rain.

- A bit windy, but not too cold... should we stay here?
- Yes yes yes, let’s eat already.

- Here’s your salad, Ken. I’m trying to eat healthy food now. It’s supposed to do good both physically and mentally. No chocolate today.
- No chocolate?!

When Ken asks Kaarna, how is she doing these days, she tells him:
- I feel like I’m standing in the middle of a snowy desert in a fog. Everything around me is gray and I could walk on any direction but I just can’t move. Emptyness everywhere, nothing to wait for. I don’t know who am I and what I like. I don’t know what I want and what I need. I have lost myself.

Ken and Kaarna play in the water like children do. Ken is happy to see Kaarna laughing.

- I really need a new swimsuit. I love this white bikini, but the pants are falling apart. Well, they are six years old, so maybe I have to let them retire, Ken says.

Yet one more rainy day. Ken is doing the dishes after lunch and asks Kaarna:
- What did you use to enjoy doing back in the good old days? Before you broke up with your girlfriend and ended up in the commune?
- I don’t know... painting and drawing.
- Why don’t you do that now?
- I’m no good. And I sold away all my art supplies to be able to pay the commune monthly fees.

- Would you make art if you had your supplies?
- I guess I could try... but I haven’t got anything and I can’t afford buying anything now...
- This can be solved! I’m calling my brother right now! Ken says happily.

Soon Veli arrives with Ritva. He has a big plastic bag with him.

Veli shows the content of the bag and says:
- I brought all of Kultu’s art supplies. I am so glad that someone will use these now, and Kultu would have wanted it too.
Ritva continues:
- There’s not much really. Most of the paints had dried out, but we took the ones that are still useful.

- Acrylic paints! These are great quality, thank you so much, Veli and Ritva... And I am sorry for your loss.
- Thank you, Ritva replies and continues: Kultu tought me to express my feelings through art and maybe this will help you too in your new phase of life.

They all enjoy a strawberry cake. Veli and Ritva notice that Kaarna is a fun girl and great company, very easy to hang out with. Ken sees that Veli is still taking Kultu’s urn everywhere he goes and that worries Ken. Sorrow takes time, but still... Kultu has been gone for how long...? At least over two years already... maybe even three.

At home Kaarna stares at the paints and the brushes, but she can’t pick them up. All that goes on on her mind is that she can’t do anything and she’s not good at anything. The canvas remains empty.

Time to see a doctor.

- You must give yourself time, and be merciful to yourself. A lot has happened to you in just a few years. You broke up with a long time partner, you lost your job and your home, you moved to a commune that turned out to be a cult run by two narcissists, you traveled across the country with a total stranger and moved to a town you had never visited before. That’s a lot to handle to anybody, don’t you agree? I’m sending you to therapy, but it might take some time before any of the therapists can take a new customer. Be patient, you are in no hurry. Big changes in life are never easy.

Kaarna has been watching the Golden Girls all day. She thinks she should save the last season for the coming days and decides to go out.

The sky couldn’t be any grayer. Kaarna looks at the local beer bar and thinks:
- Many people find consolation in alcohol. Why wouldn’t I try that?

Kaarna enters the bar and the woman behind the counter asks tiredly:
- What’ll you have?
- Something to cheer me up.
- Then you came to the wrong place. This is the doorstep to despair.

- I’ll make you a Jack and Coke, Taylor says and Kaarna recognizes her:
- You’re from that reality show... I always liked you a lot... you’ve got personality.

- Thanks... what the heck... I’ll make myself a Jack and Coke too, so you don’t have to drink alone.

Taylor is just about to start telling her story to Kaarna, when she notices something behind her:
- Goddamn that Muija... she’s giving head to that sleazy dude... wait a sec, will you?

Taylor grabs Muija and drags her away from the dude.
- Seriously Muija, you just hit your lowest point! And you mister, put away that tiny wet noodle and get the hell out of my sight!

After Taylor has kicked the bar flies out, she sits down with Kaarna and tells her what happened after her reality tv career.

Taylor tells about the fire.
- I am one hundred percent sure that the fire got started from Filia’s cigarette. She must’ve had fallen asleep while smoking in bed. The whole house burned down, and the investigators couldn’t find the reason for the fire, so there’s no proof. But I know her, that witch.

Taylor continues:
- I always say to people that the whole family survived the fire, but it’s not true. Brigitte couldn’t get out... she can’t... couldn’t walk, as you know... She burned to death in her bed. I can’t even imagine it... I hope she died in her sleep and didn’t suffer. And I hope she’s having a blast in Heaven with all the hot dudes that have died too young.
Taylor cries a bit and Kaarna gives her a hug. She understands to keep her mouth shut about Heaven being just a stupid story.

There are no customers other than Kaarna, and the two ladies share their life stories and a bottle of whiskey. Kaarna hasn’t laughed this much for a while. She’s really enjoying Taylor’s company.

It’s time to close the bar. There’s definitely some mutual flirting in the air, when Kaarna helps Taylor to clean up.

When the bar is all clean and done, Taylor says:
- Thanks for the help. But don’t you think about leaving without a kiss...