2020 - Survival skills

Luckily Ken’s first sewing commission is easy and requires no thinking. His head is filled with Miss Amadoria.

Kaarna knows what she needs and goes to the bar:
- Do you prefer a quick fuck in the back room or something more at my place?
Taylor grins and hands over a notepad:
- Write down your address. I’ll be free at midnight.

Ken had totally forgotten the leaves that he picked during the first road trip with Kaarna. Now he finds them inside a book and thinks that he could get a frame and hang them on the wall like a painting.

Ken finds some oval frames in his stashes. Better than nothing, he thinks, althoug he would have preferred square ones.

Now the old mirror looks bad, Ken thinks. But he can’t do anything about it at the moment, because it’s definitely time for a kitchen renovation!

Ken doesn’t waste any time when it’s the matter of home renovation! The tupa (a Finnish word for a combination of a kitchen and a living room) looks very cozy.
- I will heat the sauna now and invite Kaarna for a sleepover!

Also Kaarna is painting! She has finally found a drop of self confidence and started to make art again. But she’s happy to take a break and go to sauna with Ken, since she doesn’t have a sauna in her hideous apartment.

Kaarna comes in and shivers from the cold.
- Damn! My nose is frozen!!! Wow... what happened here? I love these new walls!
- But now I want new furniture too, Ken laughs.

- Oh Ken... this sauna will save my life during the autumn! Thank you for always inviting me.
- Kaarna, I heard that my next door neighbor will move out next month.
- Seriously?! I wonder if the owner could rent the flat to me!!!
- I was hoping you would say that!

- What about the other neighbours? What are they like? Kaarna asks.
- There’s an old foreign lady above me, but apparently she’s in Greece now. I haven’t met her. She might be stucked abroad because of the plague in Europe. But anyways... Could we start making the Miss Amadoria fan club web site tomorrow morning?!

Kaarna is designing the web site while Ken is crafting membership cards.
- You have three cards there, Ken. I thought you’ll only let us two in your club.
- Yes, us two and the honorary member, Miss Amadoria herself.
- Sometimes you’re acting like a twelve-year-old!
- I know! It’s so great! I’m a wonderful person! Ken laughs.

Ken lets Kaarna watch his photo albums.
- Jesus what a snob you have been in the 90s! And so disturbingly masculine!!!
- I was so normal. Dating Barbie, being the supporter, all about career...

After Kaarna has left, Ken takes a moment with the album. His life has been nothing but boring, but still he feels the melancholy. 
- Barbie, Hector, Blaine... I wonder if true love even exists. And if it does, is it for me?

To get rid of the sentimental thoughts, Ken continues with the kitchen renovation.

Meanwhile Kaarna is right next door with the owner of the apartment. 
- I’m afraid the flat is not in a very good shape, but if you want, you can renovate it just the way you like. I will of course pay for the materials. There is a shared sauna and dry toilet out in the yard, I will show them to you.
- It’s ok, I know those already! My best friend lives here too. 

Ken is also very busy. After giving his microwave oven to Kaarna, he now has the chance to put a cute shelf on the wall.

After the kitchen renovation Ken continues to bedroom that instantly turn pink!
- These throw pillows are lovely... Now I can go and help Kaarna with her renovation project.

The first layer is painted. Time to step back and admire the achievement.

Kaarna keeps renovating her tiny home every day, but it’s a lot harder and takes more time than she realized.

- Oh boy am I stressed out... I need Taylor’s help to get through this, she thinks when she climbs up to her loft bed.

Taylor is always ready to offer a helping hand.

The next morning is surprisingly warm but super misty. Kaarna walks around the house to Ken’s front door and goes in.

Ken is eyeing on his iPad and says:
- I’m glad that we have these thick log walls between us. I wouldn’t want to listen to Taylor’s moaning all night! But hey, the weather forecast implies that it’s going to be 20 degrees and sunny today! Can you believe that?
- No way! First it’s all crappy through July and August and now we get the summer weather?! And Taylor doesn’t moan, by the way... she actually screams... she’s so hot!!!!

Ken and Kaarna walk in the woods and Kaarna finds mushrooms. Ken laughs and says:
- Those are poisonous. You can dry them up and sell them to some regular at the bar Mocambo. I bet Muija would be interested.
- That’ll be a career for me, Kaarna giggles.

They walk on the beach and enjoy the sudden heat wave.
- How come we didn’t take any food with us?
- We can order a pizza when we get hungry!

- This warm and sunny day is a God’s gift! I’m so afraid of the November already, Ken sighs and grabs a slice of pizza.

- What are your plans for surviving the winter, Ken?
- Rest, play, crafting, outdoor activities, sports, friends, healthy food, vitamin D, fangirling... What’s yours?
- Plenty of good sex.

They walk towards the car when the evening gets colder and Kaarna can’t stop talking about sex.
- It gives me confidence. I walk with my head held high, I feel radiant and I like myself better. It gives me energy and keeps me moving. I used to think that sex and love should go together, but now I see that it’s so much simpler when it’s just sex.

After amazing afternoon sex, Taylor and Kaarna lay on the floor and Taylor asks if Kaarna has ever been with a man.
- No, never. I have always liked girls.
- You can borrow my husband, if you want.

- He’s very good for a man... not some clumsy selfish prick who only thinks about his dick! I can assure you that his pleasure comes from pleasing the woman and he’s got magic fingers!
- I don’t know... 
- You don’t have to do anything you don’t want to... but give it a thought. He just returned from Greece. Fuck... I’m late... I should be serving beer to the alcoholics already!