2020 - Pleasures

Ken comes home from the grocery store and notices an old woman sitting in the back yard. It must be the neighbor, who has returned from Greece, Ken thinks and decides to introduce himself.

The old lady sits on a chair with a fur coat on her shoulders, looking at something that seems to be a half burned painting of Elvis Presley. She’s sucking a candy cane.

Ken introduces himself and the woman replies with a funny accent:
- I am Mama Filia. You look like a strong girl. Good. Strong girls are welcome.
- But I’m not a... never mind... Nice to meet you.

Ken is helping Kaarna to organize her things, but his thoughts are somewhere else:
- Miss Amadoria is going on a tour! And at least three of the locations are close enough to us, so of course we have to go!!! Right?
- Sure. I hope you have the money for it... I really can’t afford paying the tickets.
- We’ll figure out something!

- Ken... that old lady is raking the leaves with a really short rake. Looks difficult.
- We should help her... but later, I must run to the post office now!

Before heading to the post office, Ken sneaks into the garage, where Reiska is fixing a moped.
- How does it look like?
- It’s not as bad as we thought. I need a few days.

While Ken is running errands Kaarna helps Filia with the leaves. It’s all about her sense of duty, because she’s always uncomfortable with old people. Filia seems obsessed with the raking:
- All these leaves of the trees of the neighbor’s yard!!! The bloody wind blows them here!!! ... And me 85 years old... doing everything in this house... l’ll show them!

Ken returns from the post office and opens the parcel that he got.
- Looks perfect! I hope they fit!

A couple of days later:
- I’m not much of a painter but I think this will do... for someone who hates the color pink.

Ken takes Kaarna outside to see the surprise.
- It’s my old scooter, and Reiska repaired it! And he painted it too! It’s yours now! Look, I ordered helmets, I hope you like water melon! 
- Ken!!!!!!!!!!!! What.... why.... oh I... wow....

 You’re the best friend ever, Ken!
- I know...

Time for a test drive! Ken wonders how Kaarna’s scooter goes so much faster than it used to.
- Maybe Reiska tuned it up, Kaarna laughs.

Kaarna has thought about Taylor’s suggestion and noticed that she’s intrigued about meeting Geordie. She’s got nothing to loose, and she can always say “no thanks” if it doesn’t feel right.

Taylor leaves them alone and on her way out she says:
- Just your magic hands, Geordie! Forget about your dick!
And Kaarna adds:
- Forget about the champagne and the rose too! Jesus, what a cliché you are!

When Geordie takes off the towel around his waist and Kaarna sees his golden leopard print thong, she starts laughing hysterically.

- You know pretty lady... a man with a lower self esteem might be offended, Geordie smiles.
- I’m sorry... I shouldn’t laugh... Kaarna says but continues laughing her ass off.

But four hours later Kaarna is totally tired and feels more relaxed than ever.
- I could have that champagne now...

Miss Amadoria’s tour has started. Luckily the first shows take place in various gay night clubs, so there are no expensive entrance tickets! Ken and Kaarna take a budget bus to town.

Ken hates night clubs with all the drunken dancers. Plus just now he missed Miss Amadoria’s grand entrance because some fag hag keeps bothering him!

Miss Amadoria is amazingly radiant, and Ken almost forgets to be annoyed for not making it to the front row.

Luckily after the show Miss Amadoria appears at the bar and sips a special drink of the house. Ken actually runs to her and enthusiastically explains about the fan club web site and gives her the VIP membership card. Miss Amadoria laughs softly and accepts the honorary membership.
- He loves it, Ken thinks.
- Fake laugh, Kaarna thinks.

At home Ken writes a review of the show on his fan page.

Meanwhile Kaarna is experiencing the intoxicating pleasure of a threesome. So much skin, so many hands, lips everywhere... she’s overwhelmed by the feeling.

Since Kaarna can’t really think about anything but sex, Ken tries to enjoy the autumn colors on his own.

He goes to his favorite place, the Parikkala statue garden. Seeing this imaginary place always makes him happy, even now when the weather is cold and rainy and he’s more than afraid of the inevitable arrival of November.

It’s another gig night and another town. Ken is running like a lightning and Kaarna complains:
- Seriously Ken, it’s only 9 o’clock and the gig starts at midnight.
- Exactly! I will definitely get in the front row this time! I’m going to stand there in front of the stage for the whole 3 hours!
- Madness, Ken, pure madness!

Getting there super early was well worth it! Ken got the best spot and when Miss Amadoria enters the stage Ken can’t even see or hear the rest of the audience! It’s just him and her, and the magic!

After the show Ken runs to Miss Amadoria. Kaarna is terrified:
- Is he going to jump into that queen’s arms?! Please don’t do that!!!!
But no, Ken still has some self control left and he stops in front of Miss Amadoria and gets all sweaty and red when he asks:
- Did you see the fan club web site?!
- I did. I love your writing, the review of the last show was hilarious.

- Are you going to attend the upcoming theater show? Miss Amadoria asks.
- Yes.... yes... Ken mumbles but Kaarna says quickly:
- No! We can’t afford the tickets.
Miss Amadoria looks at her and Ken’s red face, and after a while she says:
- You will be there. Tell me your address and I will send the tickets. You will be my guests. The official fan club simply can’t miss the best show!

After a couple of days Ken receives a package and finds two theater tickets along with an autographed poster!