2020 - Professionals

 Ken found a decent second hand fitting doll for a reasonable price.

- I’m calling you Pentti. Hopefully we’ll find a bride for you too.

It’s a perfect October Sunday with sun and crisp air, no wind at all.
- Too bad I don’t have a towel, I really feel like swimming, Ken wonders.

They decide to walk all the way to the town. It’s a market day.

Ken always buys a special pastry when he goes to the market. Now where is that booth where they sell Viipurinrinkeli?

When they get home, they both are freezing. Ken goes straight to the stove and starts to make hot chocolate.

- How’s your depression these days? Ken asks.
- Under control I think. My immoral hobbies with Taylor and Geordie keep me joyful, but I still have this hollow feeling inside of me. An orgasm keeps it away for a day or two, but then it comes back again. I hate it.
- I know what you mean. Miss Amadoria’s gigs do the same for me. I feel like I’m flying for a few days and then I hit the boring ground again.

November... Kaarna is having more and more trouble finding any energy to do anything. She can hardly get out of the bed and she still doesn’t have a kitchen...

It’s unbelievably dark in the middle of the day. The horrible dark season that we call ‘kaamos’ is just around the corner now. Ken has been able to travel to Spain at least once a winter during the last 6 years. But he can’t do it now.

He thinks that baking might bring joy to this rainy day. Kaarna doesn’t want to participate, because baking is boring.

- Could you turn off the oven, Kaarna? You have a better articulation for that!

They enjoy the freshly baked croissants and watch a movie together. Suddenly Kaarna whispers:
- I love you, Ken.
After a while Ken replies:
- I love you too, Kaarna.
And then they watch the rest of the movie in silence.

Ken found another fitting doll.
- Pentti, may I introduce Maire, your beloved bride, Ken says and laughs. Now all that his sewing business needs is some customers. He thinks of advertising on Facebook for starters.

Ken is remodeling some of his early creations so that they can shoot some pics for advertising. Taylor is willing to model pro bono, just for the chance to pose in front of a camera.

Ken really wants Kaarna to take the photos, even though she tried to explain that she’s not a real photographer.

All done! Ken and Taylor are excited. But Kaarna is having an anxiety attack. 
- Horrible, what am I trying to do? All the photos suck and the bad pics will destroy Ken’s career. I’m such a fake, how embarrassing.

Since Taylor and Kaarna were kind enough to work for free, Ken asks them to join him for lunch. Taylor only wants salad, because she’s not going to gain weight now that her modeling career is beginning again.

Ken is very excited about his sewing studio.
- Now I need a logo, website, Instagram account! Flyers! Bags! Everything! Thank god for Kaarna, who is a graphic designer! Will you do it? I will pay for you when I start making money!

But Kaarna is freaking out:
- No, I can’t do it... 
- Sure you can! You’re amazing, Taylor tries to convince her, but she gets annoyed:
- What do you know!? You know I’m amazing in bed!!! It doesn’t mean that I’m an amazing graphic designer!!!! I’m a mediocre, that’s what I am!!!!

Ken has ideas for the logo and Kaarna transforms them into a visual form.

All done. Kaarna is not happy with the logo, but it’s what Ken wanted and for that reason only she can tolerate the awfulness of it.

Thanks to the power of advertising, Ken starts to get more orders. His days are busy and the commissions are interesting.

Happy customers make the entrepreneur happy too.