She loves me, she loves me not?

- Kaarna is really angry.

- That’s it, I’m not going to even think about Mari ever again! She doesn’t appreciate me. 

But she can´t help but starting to cry which makes her even angrier. 
- Stop crying, you idiot, she doesn’t deserve your tears, she mumbles to herself.

While Kaarna is sunbathing in a sleeping bag like a caterpillar inside its cocoon, Ken goes to the lake. The weather is perfect for skiing, no wind and not too cold. The nicer part of the winter has finally begun!

Ken is tired but happy after skiing and he decides to sit with Kaarna for a while. 

But suddenly he sees someone approaching:
- Ooops, look who’s coming!

- Hey babe, I’m here! I have two whole days off now!
But Kaarna yells:
- I’m still mad at you! You have some nerve showing up here! And even wearing sunglasses!!!!
- What….? What’s wrong with my sunglasses?

- I can’t trust people who won’t show their eyes!!!!
Ken laughs:
- Kaarna, everybody wears sunglasses on a bright day like this! It’s normal. Don’t be mad at her for being a basic bi… Ooops, I’d better be on my way now… See you later!

Kaarna turns her face away from Mari.
- Don’t be like that, babe. I’m here now. I’m sorry you felt neglected. Awwww, you look especially cute, when you’re angry.
- Don’t try to sweet talk me!
- My sweetie, my cute little caterpillar. Are you ready to come out of your cocoon and turn into a beautiful, colorful butterfly? Smile me a little, I need to see that radiant smile of yours!

Kaarna is easily softened. All the horrors of the world and all the monsters inside her brain disappear, when she gets to touch Mari’s skin, feel the warmth of her body and look at her eyes. It’s just them two now and nothing else matters. There’s no yesterday, no tomorrow, only this moment.

Mari is making dinner and Kaarna is astonished.
- I didn’t know you can cook!
- Of course I can cook. Your kitchen just wasn’t meant for cooking before, Mari laughs.
- You cook and you’re amazing in bed. You’ll make a wonderful wife to someone someday.
- Mmm ummm…

- Thank you for making this meal! This was sooooo goooood! I even feel like you care about me now, Kaarna sighs after licking her plate.
- Babe! I care about you! A lot! 
- It doesn’t feel that way. You totally ignore my messages when we are apart. 
- I didn’t know WhatsApp is so important to you… I’m just not good with messages. And when I’m in the middle of the rehearsal season it’s not easy to pay attention to anything else. Theater is very intense!

The next day Mari agrees to go outdooring with Kaarna, but her boots are not suitable for hiking.
- High heels are not accepted! You can borrow some of my boots.
- And what about sunglasses? Are they accepted?
- Well okay, if you really can’t live without them.

It’s very bright. The best part of winter is now when the sun is higher and the snow reflects its rays.
- How can you not wear sunglasses? I’d get a headache without mine.
- I would never ever block the sun! Its light is my treasure and it gives me power. We live in a darkness most of time anyway.

- Oh god!!!! I need to poop!!!! I knew it wasn’t a good idea to go sporting this early in the morning!!! We must hurry back now!
- No worries, we have toilet paper, go poop in the woods.
- Are you serious?!?! I’ll hold. Jesus.

Hot tea and Carelian pies taste excellent, but when Mari has finished her meal, she looks desperate and says:
- I think I have to ask for that toilet paper now.
- Good girl, Kaarna giggles. I’ll reward you with a chocolate bar after you’re done.

The outdoor experience made both girls really happy. Mari says:
- Why haven’t we done that before? It was so nice… And I even pooped in the forest like a… a… forest pooper!!!!
- I’m so proud of youuuu…oooooh uh ooooooohaaaaah….

Kaarna asks:
- What are your plans for tonight? Are you going home or staying here?
- Well, if you don’t unlock these handcuffs, I really don’t have a choice, do I? Mari laughs.
- I wish I could keep you chained up in here… I get so paranoid when I don’t see you, hear you and feel you.

- Could you at least send me a short message every night so that I would believe that you’re not gone forever? I understand it might be hard to focus on something other than the theater, but even one word?! Or one tiny little emoji at least?
- Like 💩 for example?
- Fine…
- I’ll send you a heart emoji every night before I go to sleep. Okay? And guess what? I’m so tired after the outdooring that I might even come to bed with you early tonight!
- Yayyyyy!!!!!!